Best food to grow on apartment balcony

hvixxFebruary 27, 2014

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for the best food I could grow on my apartment balcony. Space is average size, can fit a bike and small table set. Living in Ireland so would have to be foods suiting my climate.

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Tomatoes can do well in a large pot. Otherwise, I think you'll do best with herbs to add to your cooking.

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It depends on the amount of sun you get, how much full sun do you get? If you get at least 5+ hours of sun you could grow alot of different foods in containers.
I've grown peppers,eggplant.squash, my tomatoes & herbs did really well.

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There's a balcony gardening forum here, in case you did't know:

EDIT Oops, I see you found it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Balcony Gardening

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You can do small/half size blueberry plants. Also small fruit trees - there are some that are sized for large pots. Also strawberries.

I'm not sure about your climate, but there are enough varieties for the different climates - you ought to be able to find ones that work for you.

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@writersblock sorry yes only found the balcony gardening forum after posting here! Sorry about that am a new member.

The balcony does not get very much sun, especially during the winter but its picking up now. It's overshadowed by another building also for half of the day so only sunlight would be in the mornings. I doubt tomatoes would do well in this weather anyway, I've only ever successfully grown them inside. Blueberries is a new one I might look into that. Any more suggestions or best practice advice is very welcome thank you all. Low maintenance and high yield plants would be the most effective I'd think. I am a student with not a lot of time but a consciousness to where my food comes from.

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