Trashy neighboor

charlotte_2006February 4, 2006

I am happy to discover this forum as it is somewhat comforting to know that I am not alone in neighbor tribulations. I live in NYC in a walk up for the past 4 years that's been pretty quiet. basically its a decent starter apt. . .during the summer, this woman moved in next door . . .being an old bldg. the walls are paper thin, and basic living noises are a part of everyday life. So everythings fine until December when her true trashy colors came out.

first came the loud techno music at 2 am , 3 am and most recentl, at 4 am. finally, after a month of knocking on the wall and general frustration, we (my fiance and I) decide to call the landlord. he actually calls her and we get a written "apology" from her. thought that was the end of that! NOT!!! let's just say that she repeated these violations 5 more times since.

oh did i mention the screeching that goes on when she has sex? i wonder if shes a hooker on the side b/c it's never the same guy. it got to the point that one night we decided to mimic every noise/sound/screech that she made during the act!!! it's so over the top, that u know she's faking. Please, she's SO PATHETIC. the best part is --she's in her 30s. Im not saying that u turn 30 and crawl into a hole 4ver, but i think at this age, you should have some sort of idea of what is considerate behavior and what is not!!!

oh, on top of this is stomping, and vicious slamming of cabinets, closets, etc. basically anything with a hinge.

ive never hated anyone this much in my entire life!!!

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does the landlord know that the noise is continuing?

You should let him/her know ASAP. Politely, without inflammatory language.

Also, if you want to stay there, you might try to give him a "her or us" ultimatum of sorts. When you contact him to say that she hasn't really changed anything, you might say, "if this doesn't change, we'll have to reconsider renewing our lease, which is disappointing because we like living here." Then maybe your landlord will just not renew her lease?

Good luck! And, start looking, for you have some ideas in case you have to move (which isn't easy in NYC, I know)

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Trash is trash - good luck.

Over the years down here, I've rotated through a bunch of neighbors on one side: a pair of druggies, a career criminal who played his stereo all the time, either ran a prostitution ring or just slept with every sleezebag he could find, beat his girlfriend, and was believed to be involved with drugs and/or theft (something about cars). Next up was the sleazy woman with two hoodlum kids that spent all day at home making noise and trashing stuff. I guess they didn't go to school... Now, there's some relatively quiet, but utterly low-class dope there. At least he's quiet, and that's about all one can hope for, sadly.

An "us or her" strategy might work - it's at least worth a try.

Good luck.

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