Please help me pick a Wolf range top

huxbnwJanuary 30, 2014

We are redesigning our kitchen and need to decide relatively soon if we want a Wolf 36" or 48" range top, as well as the exact configuration we want (burners, griddle, and grill). We have the room in the kitchen for either. Up to now, we've been thinking of a 36" with six burners. My question is whether 48" is really necessary and whether the built-in griddle and/or grill is worthwhile. Up to now on our current range top, we just use a griddle over the burners and do most of our grilling on an outdoor grill. That works fine but I'm looking to see if the built-in units are even better. Thanks!

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I have a 48" with four burners and a grill and a griddle. When I decided on this unit, I was very excited to use the grill and thought I might use the griddle on occasion. In reality, the exact opposite is true. We live in an area where the climate is conducive to grilling most of the year. I NEVER use the grill, but the griddle has become a necessity for me. I have come to use it in the same way that I think other cooks might use a french plaque. I use it to reheat items (my DH only likes his pizza reheated on the griddle!), it can be used with a double broiler to slow steam items, and of course the usual griddle fare. In fact, in our new build I am trying to determine how a griddle and french plaque might work together.....HTH!

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Totally agree with twobells, built in griddles are super versatile! I have a 36" Bluestar with griddle, and use it every day. If our kitchen were big enough, I would get a 48" four burner with a 24" griddle! We too live in a climate where outdoor grilling year round is "normal", and I have both a gas and charcoal grill just steps from my kitchen, so for me, indoor grilling would be redundant, and messy...

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