please help - how do i deal with this neighbor?

outofcontrol19February 2, 2005

For the past 4 years I have lived on a first floor apartment and so I know the common sounds a person above can make and yes sometimes it can be annoying but I see it as the price you pay for apartment living, right? Now I am on the other side, I am living on the second floor apartment with a real cranky lady underneith.

The other day we have received our first written noise complaint from the LL, which wouldn't be no big deal except for the fact that I don't really see how I could make any noice other than the general apartment noise.

So I called my LL and had asked if she knew a specific day that the neighbor was complaining about, cause that would help me figure out if it was just something out of the ordinary I did that day. The LL rudely told me that it's been going on for awhile and although she isn't taking sides she has to give me the notice because the lady below complained. I told her that I don't believe that I could possibly be making excessive noise, especially between the hours of 10pm and 7am because I am in bed by 10pm and don't get up till after 7am. (My life is very routine)

The LL again rudely claimed that if I wasn't making any noise then she wouldn't be getting a complaint. I don't reall buy that at all because I have never had a problem with this neighbor till the one day she was parked in my numbered spot and I politly asked her to move so I could pull my truck in.

Normally I wouldn't of even asked her to move, but our lot has poor lighting but our car ports have lights and since I have a nice stereo system in my truck and my alarm was on the fritz at the time I felt more comfortable being under the light of the carport. When I asked her to move she replied by asking if I was kidding, then asking me if my legs were broken that I couldn't walk, then proceded to slam the door in my face. She did move her car but hasn't talked to me since, now this complaint happens.

Sorry this is so long but I would really appreciate your feedback on this issue on how to deal with the neighbor and if there is anything I can do about dealing with the rude LL.

There is so much with this lady that is nuts but I've always been on the good side of it all except now...and I know for a fact that she is singling me out because I asked her to move.


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I've got all kinds of questions. Do you have a lease? Does it state that you can be evicted for excessive noise? And does it explain what excessive noise is? Is this an apartment building and your LL is only a representative for the owner. If this is the case, perhaps you should contact the owner directly. Depending on the market, the owner may not want to lose a valuable customer. Maybe you should send a registered letter asking your landlord to specifically document the noise (dates, times, etc). Your LL may not be able to evict you without proper documentation. Maybe you should ask for carpeting.

If this property is truly owned by the LL, it really sounds like a lousy situation that will probably only be resolved by someone leaving. But if it is owned by someone else, you might have a little leverage by going directly to the owner and letting him/her know that you are being treated unfairly. Even if you are making excessive noise, you at least need to be made aware of when and how so that you have the opportunity to correct the problem. Keep us posted.

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Regarding her parking in your numbered spot, I would say that is your right otherwise the spots wouldn't be numbered in the first place. Saves problems that way so some people don't take more than one spot.

As to the neighbor herself, I always find it best to discuss things face to face in order to "personalize" the situation. Ask her the questions you asked the LL and see if you guys can reach a compromise. If all else fails, "kill her with kindness" if you'll pardon the expression. Some people are just not meant to be happy and there's no pleasing them. I wouldn't think you could be kicked out based on one person's complaint, especially if you can prove that you talked with that person and tried to remedy the problem. Keep records!

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Thanks for the replies. Mike_Pam, yes we had a lease and no the building is not owned by the LL. Ironicly, the lady below us tried to get the name of the actual owner and the said LL would not give it to I have this suspecion that she wouldn't give it to me either.

At any rate, it's all be solved. I found out that the lady below us IS moving because they raised rent and she can't afford it anymore. (That is what she told my cousin because she still doesn't talk to me).

Also since then, my cousin has decided to move back home, therefore I will be moving as well because I can't afford the 2 bedroom myself. This time I will be on the first floor and will hopefully get some better neighbors around me.

Although I do not like the LL and I am sorta stuck transferring because I do not wanna have to break the lease since my cousin is moving. So it looks like 1 more year I have to deal with that place.

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