dishwasher leak

mpoland33January 31, 2014

First off, I have never had an issue with dishwashers so I have no clue what goes on with them.

I have a GE energy saver dishwasher and a garbage disposal under the sink. Long story short is the dishwasher is leaking AFTER the wash is done. Hopefully the picture helps but its coming from a fitting on the left front.

On top of that, under the sink there is another line that's leaking, again, after the wash is comlete. Both lines that are leaking come from the same spot (lots of couplings and valves in between them though).

I did very little research but someone said it could be a clog and back drained but I have no clue if that's even it or if I can even fix it.

Any ideas?

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The line and connection in your picture (repeated/rotated below) is the incoming water supply. The leak could be from the connector or from the water valve behind it.

You haven't provided a picture of the under-sink leak so I can't comment on that ... other than that per your description it apparently is the other end of the water supply connection.

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If it's not wet before a wash cycle and only wet after the cycle it is not going to be the couplings shown in your photo. These couplings would be leaking continuously since they are always under pressure.
The leak is going to be after the valve.

The best thing to do is to clean up all the water, slide a dry paper towel or newspaper under the D/W and run a short cycle. Where the water drips on the paper will be directly below or close to the area thats leaking above it.

While the Dishwasher is draining observe under the sink all your drain hose and connections and you will see the leak.

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That looks close to what my old dishwasher looked like. I had a 1998 GE Profile that leaked in October 2013, but it was dripping out of the main pump, a little black rubber part on the white pump housing where the motor shaft entered the pump. It leaked primarily when pumping. If you have a similar model and it is the pump, don't bother calling the service guy because the pump housing is no longer available. Start shopping for a new dishwasher.

Good choices are Bosch and Miele. I bought a Miele Classic 4225 for $899. I wish I had replaced the dishwasher earlier, the new one is way better.

Best of luck either way.


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