Unusual Jenny Lind Bed

nitaannJanuary 31, 2011

I bought this full size Jenny Lind bed at an antique shop for $100. I had never seen a headboard like this on any other Jenny Lind/spool type bed before. The headboard is 55" tall and the footboard is 40 1/2" tall. I have no idea how old it is but I had to have it once I saw it. I had been looking for a full size one for ages. Has anyone else seen a bed similar to this one? Would love more info about it. Below are pics of the bed - which is currently set up in my dining room while I clean it. Will be my youngest daughters bed once we get a mattress for it.


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Great bed! I also had never seen a head board like that....but I guess now I have! I'd pay $100 for it in a blink!
About all I can say is get some of that awful shiny varnish/shellac/lacquer off if it!...I would wipe it down with a mix of lacquer thinner and shellac thinner....like 3/4 shellac thinner and 1/4 lacquer thinner.

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Manufacturers had a tendency to stick details that were popular onto their older pieces to spiff them up for the current fashions.

You have the Jenny Lind spindles married to piercings and scallops of the Gothic Revival.

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The bed really isn't that shiny in person. I think it was the flash that made it look like that. I'm glad to get a little info on the style. Thanks!

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