Looking for information on this Montgomery Ward Sectional Sofa

FilmNoir1946January 24, 2011

Hello! I apologize for any mistakes I may make but I am new to the site.

My husband and I were in the market for a mid century sofa and we were able to find one for free online. The fabric has some rips but we are reupholstering it. When we picked it up, we noticed that there is an original tag stapled to the bottom which says it was purchased at the Montgomery Ward in Fort Worth, TX on November 14, 1959. Unfortunately, that is all the information we can find on this sofa. It has an unusual arm shape I have not seen before and is very large in size (about 11' when the two sections are together).

We can't find it in any of the Montgomery Ward catalogs and have not seen any that even compare. I would love to have more information on it so maybe someone out there knows something they'd like to share. :)

Thanks in advance!

Here is a link that might be useful: Here is a picture of the entire sofa. Other pictures are in the same photostream on Flickr

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The styling on the arms is very common in that year. A set in an old Sears Catalog is very similar, has similar legs but is not as large. As you might know, you have a choice of more than one configuration when one chose sectional sets. The armless section was referred to as the 'bumper'. Many sets have an option of an armless chair set in the middle one could use to swing the arrangement into an "L" shape.

You could have a set with no arms, or arm rests on both sides. Neat piece.......a blast from the past for me, as my folks had sectionals when I was little. The catalogue house could have contracted with any one of a number of manufacturers to have pieces made under the Montgomery Ward name. Sets like that cost about three hundred M/L for those two pieces and although it sounds cheap now, it wasn't then. That's a higher end set for catalogues.

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Fori is not pleased

I love the feet. I know I'm not being helpful whatsoever, but that's a great piece.

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Calliope: I appreciate all the information. I did know that it could have come in many different options. I am not at all familiar with Montgomery Ward items so all the research on this was new to me. My husband has been scouring the internet to find out who they may have contracted to make this one but no luck. I've actually never seen a vintage sofa with an arm like this one. I'm going to have to check out the Sears catalog and see what's up. Thanks again!

Fori: Thanks for the compliment! We were pretty lucky and we love the piece. It will be in our family for a long time I'm sure.

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That will look beautiful when it is redone!

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