Strange tapping noise

lasershowFebruary 27, 2008

This is going to sound bizarre, but here goes: I live in an apartment building with (albeit) thin walls. I have very sensitive ears for some things. About a week ago, I started hearing a strange, soft tapping noise. It seems to come from the apartment underneath me and it is a series of three taps (always three), spaced out over a few seconds. I can't imagine what it could be and I'm desperately grasping for ideas. It's not a dripping sound, as if a pipe was leaking, and the fact that it is ALWAYS a series of three taps really has me befuddled. But it is akin to the Chinese water torture, if you know what I mean. I thought it was only when they were home and therefore maybe it was some machine they were running, but I heard it this morning and I believe everyone had already left for work.

I would like to have some possibilities of what it could be before I either knock on their door and ask or talk to the building manager.

Does anyone have any ideas??

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Since it's always three taps spaced equally I'm going to guess it's something mechanical, like something with the motor in their refrigerator.

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How long does the entire noise continue for? Is it 3 taps, then stops for minutes or hours, or is it a series of taps that continue for a certain length of time? I'm kind of curious :D

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The mechanical suggestion makes the most sense. i think my fridge makes a kind of tapping like that when it is powering down, or whatever the name for that is.

But knowing the frequency would help.

Is it really disturbing enough to you that you have to ask about it? Could you just keep your radio on so you don't notice it?

It's just really hard to tell from your original description. If it's just 3 small taps a few times a day, I would think you could just let it go.

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It's disturbing when it's quiet at night, I'm laying in bed, and trying to fall asleep. But there is just no pattern to it. I heard it yesterday morning when I was getting ready for work. Didn't hear it last night or this morning. It's three taps that go on for -- I don't know -- maybe an hour or so at a time, then it stops (almost like a machine got turned off). Never really timed it. Always 3 taps, pretty regular in how they are spaced out. It's a curiousity thing more than anything else...but you know how when you are trying NOT to pay attention to something, that's all you key in on??? That's what is happening here.

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Get a white noise machine/radio/tapes and just forget about it... it's probably a powering-down of some mechanical thingy in the walls at a sticky place.

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Wild guess - bread machine? When it's going through the dough kneading cycle? Those can be set on a timer, I think (it's been years since I used mine) so could run at goofy hours depending on when they want they're bread done. ;D

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