Rude and Noisy Neighbors (Need Solutions)

aggrivatedmomFebruary 16, 2007

I am frustrated beyond belief, I live in a downstairs apartment to some very rude people!! I understand when you live downstairs you will here noise but this is rediculous. It all started when about 3 months into living here we complained about bugs, spray, spray, spray, once a month we'd complain, finally 6 months later new managment came in and the complaints were heard. They changed pest control and started doing clean outs, the imformed us of the problem. The neighbors up stairs keep their door open and prepare food on the livingroom floor and are infested. Finally 3 month later we are seeing less and less since they have been cleaning out the people upstairs. Ever since the manditory clean outs the noise has gotten louder and louder, the stomping, the jumping, the running, the banging from 5 am to about 1 am the next day. I have a 2 and a 1/2 year old that has to wake up to the noise. My husband went up to knock on the door yesterday to ask them to keep it down since I have a major migrane and they pulled the "No Speak English" my husband has talked to the husband and 11 year old in the past they speak english just fine. The dad comes to the door my husband asked him and he said no problem. The husband leaves for work and it kept up. Today louder and it seems since he confronted them now it is deliberate even more, so bad that the pictures are falling off the walls. My husband called the office and they said "That is why you pay extra to live upstairs not to hear the noise, we can talk to them and ask if something out of the ordinarry is happening but other then that we can't do anything" I think BULL!!!! We asked out of the lease but that can not be done they said without penaties, what rights do I have as a tenant in Florida? I can't wait till we move.

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Did they remove carpet and pad because of the bugs? That would make sense as to why the noise increased after the clean outs. If so ask mgmt to replace carpet or request tenants to use rugs.

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No ,they are doing this on purpose , has nothing to do with the removal of rugs , they want to get back at you for complaining , there should be a noise ordinenz ,call the police and ask them :)

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I thinkdobermom is right they are getting back at you for complaining about the noise mess and bugs. you were with in your rights to complain if roaches were coming in your apartmet because some one else in the building keeps there place like a hog pen. grated they have the right to live how they want and do what ever they wnt when ever they want but those rights end when it effects your rights. that includes your right to live in the clean safe place you are paying to rent and your right to quiet enjoyment. check with you local law enforcement and find out what time load noise is prohidited, usually its after 10pm to midnight on to 6 or 7am the next morning. then when they make alot of noise after that time, say at 12am or 2am call the police on them since they are in general disturbing the peace by violating the local noise ordence and also call the landlord and let them know the police were called and why. if you do that a few to many times you landlord will get tired of it and either let you out of your lease so you stop complining or give the others notice to leave if he is smart.

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Call the police about the noise and call the health department about "The neighbors up stairs keep their door open and prepare food on the livingroom floor and are infested."

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Absolutely, 100%, call the police! These people sound like slobs. Why are they preparing food on the floor?

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Get a grip. If you live in an apartment complex you will have to put up with the sounds of others sharing walls and common areas with you, period. I'm a landlord and it is impossible to make people be quiet. This is why people like to have their OWN house, if you arent that lucky then you have to deal with apartment crap. I have to share walls and a ceiling with loud, rude people above me. Unfortunately some people were not trained to be courteous while growing up and for some reason they all end up in apartments or trailer parks... go figure. If you are an unfortunate person that has no choice but to live in an apartment, I feel for ya but you have to realize that you cannot control your neighbors, you can only control yourself.

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ummmmm.... this post is TWO years old. I think the OP won't be coming back for advice on this subject.

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