Wall Air Conditioners - can they be hidden?

luvs2decorateFebruary 14, 2006


I am a new (2 weeks and 3 days) apartment dweller. I moved from a house into a corner unit with 2 bedrooms and quite a bit of room with my little girl, thanks to my husband deciding to walk out on us leaving me with a home I couldn't afford financially!

We are getting settled in pretty well, but I really don't like the wall A/C unit that is in between the dining area and living room - does anyone know of anything or anyway this can be covered up when it's not in use? It's such an eyesore... I am hoping some of the more seasoned apartment dwellers would have a wonderful solution to this problem!

Also, any tips on putting color on the walls other than with paint? Or just apartment living tips in general? I would love some input since this is a new environment for me! Thank you very much in advance - and happy Valentines Day!

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I am also in an apartment instead of a house for a similar reason. To make mine look more like a house, I put curtains up over the miniblinds that come to the floor. I just bought some earth tone sheets and hund them on black iron look rods with black metal clips. I also use almost floor to ceiling bookcases. I like the craftsmans look of an older house with modern touches so I try to duplicate that in an apartment. I like natural paint colors on walls and white trim and doors. For color throughout, add red , purple, mustard, etc. in things like throw pillows, candles, throws, pictures.. I also use iron wall sconces that hold candles. About the AC. I have one tooo. I have a deep red roman shade over mine, but almost floor to ceiling cutains would might work. Make it look like you have another window. Make sure you match it to other windows in the room.

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I had a friend build a four sided box that slipped over the unit and attached shutters to cover the front.

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