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shirleyinadirondacksFebruary 24, 2005

We let our grandson and family move in in the upper half of our house. It wasn't set up as an apartment but we gave them 'carte blanc' to remodel as needed. Eric has done a beautiful job and it seems to have worked quite well.

My DH and I do talk about the 'big mice' upstairs. The kids make a little noise but that is to be expected. We tend to listen to the tv real loud, since we both have a hearing problem.

They've gone to visit relatives in KY this week and it's a little lonesome.

The kids want to buy our house with us having life tenancy. We've agreed to doing it but we don't have any idea about price etc. Don't worry, we'll contact a lawyer but I'm afraid of upsetting the applecart. Things are going so good right now.

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I hit the send button too soon.

We have bought one set of headphones for the tv and as soon as we can get to the store (30 miles away) we'll get another set.

There also is a problem with the water changing temps when it's turned on somewhere else. We call and check when taking showers.

ok, that all, folks!

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Good for you! i'm glad things are going well.
This is a fix for the water temp problem. I don't remember what its called....ask at the plumbing forum.

Do talk to a lawyer and make everything clear!

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Sounds like a nice situation for you all. If you do sell, though, make sure it's at or at least close to market price. (You can ask several realtors about pricing.)

Even though you intend to stay in the house for as long as you live, things happen. You may need the money.

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Hi Shirley,

I deeded my property over to my son a long while ago. I kept a life lease on it for myself, so that I would always have a place to live. At any rate, I'm not sure if you are aware that even though they might own the property, I am still liable for the taxes until I die, as long as my name remains on it. You might want to look into that also.

Love ya kiddo (she's my sister)

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