lcw1947February 24, 2005

Last week my handman stopped by asking me to give a message to another dweller here. As long as he was here, I told him that I'd like to put a coat of paint on the walls. I wanted to keep it the same color. A nice cream color.

Before I moved in, when I was shown the apartment, it had not yet been cleaned. Under one window was a mess on the wall, like where an air conditioner might have been. Anyways, he didn't exactly clean the apartment. Just dabbed some paint over the mess on the wall. Later, after I moved in, I tried cleaning the heater jacket, and the mess wouldn't come off, so I scraped it, and lo and behold it was wax. The same stuff that is on the wall.

I keep my sofa along that wall, so it isn't obvious, although I'd like to clean it off and if I do, it will take the paint with it.

Anyways, he panicked when I said I wanted to paint it. I said, I'd stay with the same color. He said, no, no, don't paint it. Don't buy any paint. I'm going away for a couple of weeks, when I get back (his words) he's scrounge around to see if he could find some. I said, look want to show you the mess on the wall in the bath room, it won't clean, the whole place needs painting. I can't even clean it, nothing will wash off and I've tried.

He said flat out, don't paint and don't ask them if you can. Makes me wonder if he told them he painted it and charged them accordingly. He didn't paint anywhere or clean here. I'm not complaining about that, I just want to take care of it myself. Spring is coming and with it comes spring fever.. I moved in here the last week in October. A new coat of paint would NOT be gone or worn off yet.

There are holes in the walls that I'd like to plaster and just make a little nicer. sighs... I guess I'm just grumbling..

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I'd give him a reasonable amount of time to correct the situation. It sounds like you caught him in a lie. So give him the chance to come clean. If he does not repair it in a month, call the building management and tell them exactly what you told the handyman. You don't need to tell them that you think the handyman was being shady about it. Simply mention that your apartment needs painting and tell them why. If he does not take care of you, it is best not to reward him for such behavior.

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Being a landlord I would advise any renter or landlord to keep a journal of all complaints, notices, efforts to contact, etc., etc., etc.. It is very important if you ever end up in court. The judges don't like for people to "remember" what happened 6 months ago. If he sees it in writing it will carry a lot of weight when he makes his decision.

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Hi, I met the owner last evening of the project of where I live. I talked to him about my apartment and he told me to go ahead and paint with a free heart. One word of caution. Do NOT make it an ugly color. I told him I wanted to paint it the same color that it is only I wanted to use a semi gloss so it would be washable.

He took me in to show me what he meant by 'ugly' colors in the other vacant apartments. One had purple walls in one room, with a border. Another room was neon yellow and one was light blue and another dark blue. Paint was splattered on all the trim work, what a mess it is. Paint on the carpet. No wonder the handyman was upset when I asked. I understand now.

In fact I invited him in to see my apartment, which, I'm sorry to say was sort of in an upheaval at the moment. I like to move my furnature around and had not yet got everything back where I want it. Which was of course where it was to start with.

He also assured me that even thought the management company had been let go and he was manageing it himself for the time being that the rents were not going to be increased. That they are roughly 30% of income. Unless income changes...

He was very nice and I was much relieved and felt bad that I had thought so poorly of the handyman. I guess it was unfair of me to jump to conclusions with out knowning his reasons..

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