Need help with artist's signature, please

justlindaJanuary 21, 2010

This neat vase was a gift years ago, and I'm trying to find out the artist's name. It was signed (I'm guessing with an electric pen of some sort) and dated. I have rubbed a lead pencil over the signature to have it show up. No matter what combination I have tried, I can't find any artists with a similar name. Sometimes another set of eyes may interpret the letters differently. Here's hoping someone may come up with another name for me to search....

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It's beautiful!
It was popular several years ago, for owners to etch their name and an identifying number. Perhaps that is what you are seeing?
But again it looks like a "studio work" to me and likely the artist is not well known and unlikely to be located.
Can you find a number or web page for Canada Handcrafted glasworks and see if they can help?
Linda c

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Nice piece! (I'm an art glass collector also) --

I'd agree with Linda's suggestion to go through Canada Handcrafted Galssworks to see who the artist is. They may have a listing of 'artists in residence' or some such that could get you started...

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Fori is not pleased

F i n i b l e ?
Sheesh. Why mark it with such bad penmanship? :) Good luck!

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justlinda, I will keep trying to look at it, but I wanted to thank you for the idea of rubbing pencil over an indistinct signature. I've tried doing rubbings on paper, but they never help. This is a great new tool.

You're actually lucky you have so much to work with--often people, even masters, will sign only with their initials, which is just SO frustrating. It seems deliberately obfuscatory.

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I would try the Canadian Glass Art Association, perhaps request an up-to-date copy of their directory, rather than going through the company that sold the work.

The word "Fenbles" is a proper family name, rather rare, but it is one genuine possibility. Unfortunately, I know of no artist who bears the name, but it is a place to start. If you have any photos showing different angles of the signature that you can send me, reading illegibly signed art is what I do for a living, and so I am only too willing to help.

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Took me a while, but here's a few more photos. For one of the pics I removed the lead pencil marks. Not sure, though, if they are any clearer from different angles. Wish I were a professional photographer and able to get better photos (sigh).

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