Apartment vs Individual home

kushy28February 26, 2013

Which one do all people likes to stay in an Apartment or Individual homes?

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I'd prefer a detached home. We're living in an apartment now and I HATE it. But it's also about $500-$700 cheaper than renting a house. So until we can save up to build in a few years, we'll just endure it.

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Renting a home is continuously dearer in my opinion. you'll find yourself paying a lot of in electricity and water. Also, hope to own a decent property owner who will come back and repair all of your fails units on time etc..

If you are sorting out a one sleeping room flat, I counsel that you simply rent a flat instead.

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Thanks for posting your views.I am also interested to have an individual home for big family but for single families I prefer apartments as it is safe, we get company and community will be developed nicely.

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Love Love Love my apartment ! Hate and despise the homogenous suburbs. I can walk or take public transportation everywhere, I have the best food available and my butcher/bank/natural food store is right across the street all my asian shops are a few bus trips away. My apartment is small. Who cares ! You can only be in one room at a time and when you close your eyes you don't know how big the bedroom is.
BEST REASON: NO DEBT, no big bills(rent is expensive but still less than all the increased expenses that come with a house). You wouldn't believe how they add up fast. I can travel and buy whatever I need/want without worry. Less debt stress equals less work. Decreasing my reliance on employer paid work has always been my goal.

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I like individual home.

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We love our 1 br condo. We used to own a 3 br detached house and got so tired of the exterior upkeep and the greater expenses. We were paying $250 a month in gas to heat the place in winter months. Now we pay $250 for association fees which includes heat, as well as water, sewer, trash, snow removal, exterior and other common area maintenance. We get so much more for our money, plus we never have to worry about shoveling snow or yard work.

We lucked out and sold our house at the peak of the market. We made a big chunk of profit which we put right into the condo. We did have to get a small mortgage, but we paid it off in five years and now own our home with no debt. It turned out to be cheaper than either owning a detached home or renting.

I kind of miss gardening some, but I only ever like planting flowers and the like, never the rest of the outside work required for a detached home. I also miss this walk in pantry I had.

But I don't miss any of that stuff enough to want to go back. I live in a nicer place, in a nicer neighborhood for a lot less money.

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Of course, living in your own home is much comfortable than living in an apartment. As of now, we are renting as well but we will be transferring to our mortgage home by next month. We are all excited.

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in my opinion renting a home is better then renting an apartment. have no shared walls with neighbors, allot quieter, and find i have more privacy. Our utilities are a little higher but not my much. The biggest thing is at least for us, we got a bigger place that is 50 dollars cheaper a month on rent. with a small yard that the landlord maintains. The biggest problem about living in a apartment are load neighbors and limited parking spaces and at least in my experience there are always extra fees for satellite tv and pets. Apartments in my area seem to be more expensive then houses that may be for rent. Ive been more happy in the house then the apartment we were at, but hope to buy within the next year

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I will second the opinion that renting a home is better than renting an apartment. But then buying a home is much much better than renting one. It gives you a sense of belonging and ownership which you can't experience while living in a rented home. When I bought my home with the help of a mortgage from the Northwood Mortgage in Ontario many criticized my decision saying that it was too early to buy a home. But I stood by my decision and went ahead and now I know that it is one of the best decision I have made.

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Not considering the cost factor, there are several pros and cons for either option. The decision to opt for an independent house or an apartment depends on several factors such as

Are you buying in a city to which you have resettled .Normally in this case we would have very few family members around?

⢠The stage of your life i.e single, married without kids yet, having very young kids, having teens who demands their private room, retired.

⢠If you have a job you may require to travel frequently or which would involve transfer from current location every few years or you are likely to look for careers in other cities in the future.

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I live in a second-floor tiny apartment with a bar underneath now and nothing more I can wish is a decent house with proper air = .=

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