Identifying Metal Cat Lamp with Stained Glass Shade

GardenerBrownJanuary 7, 2012


I am trying to find information on this lamp. I saw one similar but definitely not the same on Amazon. Base is heavy metal. The eyes also light up and the head comes off revealing a lightbulb. Any info would be much appreciated - thanks!

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These are still being made -- see for one with a slightly different shade.

Can you show us the sockets and plug? These will help us confirm whether or not yours is truly old -- as long as it hasn't been rewired! That is, if the wiring is old, then the lamp is, too. However, new wiring is not in and of itself an indication that the lamp is new -- it could have been rewired at some point.

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I did see that lamp but it is a little different than what I have. The placement of where the shade hangs is dropped down from the tail on mine but through the tail on the link. Also the area where the head meets the body looks smoother on the link than mine which is more abrupt. Lastly, the base on the link looks like one piece where mine is sectioned and held togeter by two screws.
Thank you for fixing the posts - I am new to this and wasn't able to fix so the photo post stayed on top. The electrical isn't working right now. I will try and fix once I know what I have. Even if it isn't antique, it is still an interesting piece. Thank you for the help!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I'm not really a cat lover, but think your lamp is super cute!

I wonder if yours has maybe been repaired (welded) or something that it has the bolt and wingnut on it. But maybe that is so that it can be loosened up and the ghade tilted a bit.

The electrical isn't working right now.
Is the cord cut off there at the top? It looks like it has sort of a cloth covering instead of newer plastic electrical wiring covering. If it is cut off, is there a hole where you can feed a new cord up though the tail, or will it have to go on the exterior?


Here is a link that might be useful: Chibimimi 's pic link made clickable

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Two more pictures. One is of the wiring from the shade into the base. There are 2 wires within the covering that have a black coating on them. The second is of the base where the screws are. I don't believe it was broken off because the cat wouldn't fit. It has screws through the bottom in each paw. Thanks again for the comments!

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They may still be making them...but the picture of the wire tells me yours dates at least from 1940 or so.
Something in my mind says that perhaps this was a
"kit" and you could make the shade yourself.....The glass work looks less than professional....and there is one out there with a different shade....maybe?
Linda C

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I have the exact same lamp the eyes on my lamp light up green...did you ever find out if yours was old or maybe how much its worth? mine has old wiring & an old lamp shade looks just like this one too,I will post some pics of mine later

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