heavy walker upstairs neighbor

hope38January 23, 2008

I have been living in a second floor condo unit for more than 4 years now. My upstairs neighbor sold their unit and the new owner/tenant is a heavy walker/stomper. I never complained about this because I know that he's not doing this on purpose although I've been wanting to...

But recently, he started playing the drums. Although it's on the other side of the room, I could still feel the banging and it's still pretty loud. I knocked on his door a couple of times to complain about it. Both times he never opened the door but eventually stopped playing. I don't know if he heard me or if he was just ignoring me.

A few times, I could also hear private activities in his bedroom (if you know what I mean). It felt like they had a trampoline up there. The thing is, sometimes this would be happening at the early hours in the morning - around 5A or 6A. One time it was even on a Saturday morning. I used to also hear my old neighbors when they are in bed but not as bad as this one. This time, it felt like the ceiling is going to fall.

Do I have the right to complain about these? If so, do I talk to him directly or do I do it through my HOA? I'm not confrontational at all and considers myself very patient. This has been going on for months now. The situation was aggravated by the bedroom activities and the drum playing.

I even started sleeping in the living room couch - afraid that I will get aggravated if I wake up in the middle of the night by his heavy walking and not be able to go back to sleep. Sometimes I would even turn the radio on so I won't hear his footsteps.


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Of course you have a right to complain - I wouldn't have left it so long myself, but if anyone had played the drums (or a recording of same) anywhere near me in an apt (condo) I would have been screaming long and loud very early on! Don't be a 'mouse' - you'll be taken more seriously if you show self respect (and the need for sleep!) than if you're too hesitant.

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About the walking--if your upstairs neighbor is wearing shoes, you could ask him not to. Or at least wear slippers or sneakers that won't make so much noise. I sympathize with you on this one--my downstairs neighbor, a tiny, petite woman, is such a heavy walker that I hear her upstairs!

The drums. Personally, I'm not sure drums should be allowed in apartments. You could request that he play them only at certain hours, i.e. after 8 am and before 8 pm. Really, he should get an electronic drum set. He could use that with headphones and drum away to his heart's content and you probably wouldn't hear anything.

If your HOA will deal with your complaint anonymously, that's probably the best way to go.

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some anonymous complaint:

Someone--but we can't say who--has complained that you walk too heavily, and that private activites make too much noise on the floor."

I'd start w/ the HOA for *advice* first--what situations have come up in the past (maybe playing drums or other musical instruments before 10am is not considered out of line in your bldg; My neighbor & I have pianos, and we play whenever we want, as long as it's before 10, or 9, for me; and we hear each other)

Would one of the officers come hear the noise, and help you decide whether or how to proceed?

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I agree with tally_sue. If you approach this from the perspective of wanting to peacefully solve the issue the HOA will treat you with more respect(and give you what you want) than if you go in guns blazing.

Keep us posted on what happens.

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Thank you so much for all the suggestions - I really appreciate them. :)

Here's the update - since I posted this question, he's been really much quieter. I don't know if he went on vacation, but I enjoyed my peace and quiet this past weekend. Hmmm, I wonder if somebody else complained. I haven't even heard him play the drums since last week. Maybe I've just been getting home late lately...

I will definitely call my HOA as soon as I feel that he's been making too much noise again. Thanks again!

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