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archie3January 25, 2009

My roommate just got real upset because I told him I don't want another dog in the apartment. It's a small apartment and when he moved in there was an understanding I was going to bring my dog from my parents house over. Once he got here he just had to get his own and it's a pit bull. Refuses to pay a security deposit so I have him on that one already. I ended up not bringing my dog because I said all along I do not want two big dogs running around in a small apartment. He finds dogs he thinks look cool on the internet and says he wants them and he finds one he claims is the best dog ever from what someone else sent him an email. I made it clear that I do not want two dogs living here, it's been the reason all along I didn't bring mine and I sure as heck don't want him having two. Especially two pit bulls they already told us to get rid of the first but new management came in and they didn't know. If he goes behind my back and gets the dog what should I do??? if he actually does this or starts acting like a baby like he did tonight when i told him no, is it that wrong to tell the apartments that my roommate has two dogs that aren't allowed on our property. On top of that he hasn't paid a pet deposit. Now luckily I only have until the end of May, about four more months and I'm out of here. Sorry for the rant but he just really got to me with this argument and I could use some other points of view.

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Don't get me wrong, I love animals and have a handful of my own in various shapes and sizes. But they just don't mesh well with rentals, so I had to stop allowing them. (I gave a responsible tenant a break last year, bent my own rule, and ended up with chewed up marker stains on brand new carpeting, chewed up window sills, and on an on. I don't blame the dog, a real sweetheart, I blame the owner. That poor dog was bored out of its mind.)

Pit bulls are another matter. Many LL's are very skittish and won't allow them (I wouldn't, and I know a very sweet pit bull, but one has to consider liability.) My insurance carrier actually has a list of 'high risk' dogs. Apparently that list is commonly used with insurance companies now. Heaven forbid someone get bitten, attacked or worse. I could just see an ins company fighting paying under liability.

Your roommate is taking a very immature attitude toward pet ownership. They are not picked out online because they are cute or cool looking. Each has traits, personalities, behaviors unique to them and pets need to mesh with a household so that they become part of the family, not some cute furball of the month. That's one reason so many end up in shelters. To be fair to the animal, acquiring a pet, and the right one for its human's lifestyle, is a decision that needs to be considered and weighed.

But all that aside, if mgmt already told you to get rid of the first, and should they find the second, you could feasibly be facing eviction. You don't want that on your record. If it lands at that point, you will find renting anything decent in the future almost impossible.

Is your roommate on the lease as well, or just you? Because if it's just you, this is going to land squarely on your shoulders when it hits the fan. Even if roommate is listed, you will get dragged into it.

Clearly your roommate does not respect the fact that this could cause serious ramifications for not only him but you. Just tell him straight up, either the dog goes and if he refuses, then both he and the dog go. Why risk the current and any future roof over your head because of this nonsense?

And yes, you have the right to notify management that there is a pet in your apartment that you did not agree to and do not want there. But make sure you do it in writing, and make sure your stance on this is quite clear. Keep it professional, but cover your hind end. ;-)

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Cats are better then dogs for Rentals Moonshadow (like the member name)-

As long as you require they wear soft paws,, there be no need for property/furniture damage and no need for de clawing either. ( a cruel practice that has no place in mordern society)

I agree about the whole unwelcome dog thing, maybe you should have a heart to heart with Roomie and if he still is dumb...... move out!, Maybe your parents can help you, out- mine do all the time.

Hope this helps-Runsnwalken.

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Archie3, whose name is on the lease? Yours, his, or both of you? If it is just yours the answer is easy. Most likely both of you are on the lease and if you report the situation, the LL will take the path of lease resistance, and make you both leave. They will not get into a roommate dispute. That is unless you have lived there a loooong time and established an excellent raport with the LL and they are willing to renegotiate the lease for you in order to keep you and get the RM out. You would then need to come up with a suitable replacement, unless you can pay the entire amount yourself, and since you say you are moving in May that is going to be tough to pull off. Can you stick it out until your planned move out date in May? Do you have a back-up plan in case the LL throws you both out?

You are in the right and your RM is wrong. Can you get a group of friends over to causally sit down and bring this up for discussion with him. If might be better to have a group of "mediators" around when discussing the situtation rather than you two going back and forth on the matter, getting nowhere. Peer pressure might work.

You sound young and mention your parents having your dog. Are you able to discuss things with your parents? I do realize that not every one has parents who are "there for them" to help but is sounds like you have a good line of commincation going with your parents. They may give you some good advice. Do they know your roommate? Would your RM listen to them? Do you or your parents know your RM's parents and they could be let aware of the situation and intervene on your behalf? His parents may not want him owning a pitbull.

Another way to attack the problem, is to look into the legality of owning a pit bull. You say your RM is finding dogs online, and thus he may be buying a dog that is illegal to be sold or owned in your community.

Twelve states prohibit breed specific restrictions and bans and many many local comminities ban pit bulls and other breeds of dogs. They are banned in my community. Check it out. For instance, while most dog laws are local, Ohio has a 1987 state law requiring owners to confine purebred pit bulls as "vicious dogs" and buy at least $100,000 in liability insurance. You may be able to just call the Humane Society and have the dog picked up. Think ahead though. Just say you "found" the dog (in your apartment. LOL). Your RM may get a fine and retaliate against you if you mention the internet sale. If the breed turns out to be illegal in you comminity, point out to the RM that it is illegal to have the dog and the law is on your side. That should get him to chill out about it. He won't want to get himself in trouble.

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I Agree.

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