Glue to repair broken porcelain and pottery

linnea56January 15, 2009

What is a good glue for this that wonÂt yellow? The pieces are just decorative objects, not valuable, not to hold water or food. I have some 2 part epoxy but that has a yellowish tone. It also takes a long time to set up, needing tape to hold it. Something colorless and with enough tack to hold the pieces in place without sliding would be good. Thanks!

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Super glue works for me....but you do have to hold it in place for a minute.
Linda C

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Thanks! I have not bought Superglue in a while. It seemed like I could only use it once and then the next time could not get the cap off. I gave up on buying it. Is there any brand where this does NOT happen?

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Nope....but some brands come 2 tubes for $1.00...I figure that $.50 is worth it when I really want to glue something.
Linda C

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For potterty, I suggest Gorilla Glue. That stuff is the greatest. A bit pricey but worth it.

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Gorilla glue is yellow.
Linda C

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There's a superglue *gel* that comes in a dispenser with little gills on the sides -- I've found that to be the only superglue dispenser I know of that doesn't clog right back up on you and can have multiple uses. I love that one.

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Oh man, the brain is not entirely working!

Loctite makes a Homeware glue that is Dishwsher Safe. I got it a Lowes and it works great and dries clear. If you use too much you can take an Exacto knife or something to it and trim off the excess before it really sets up - like within 36 hours maybe.

Thus far it has survived sub-zero weather and the dishwasher!

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Ok, I am home now and the glue is glue is Loctite Houseware Repair - Dishwasher Safe.

I love the stuff!

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Thanks to all!

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See a step by step tutorials on how to repair ceramic, china or pottery, where to buy ceramic repair supplies, etc. in this link:

Here is a link that might be useful: How to fix and reapir broken pottery, ceramic, porcelain and china

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This is an old thread but if it helps anyone, this site has a list of ceramic glues you can use

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I have always used Elmer's glue for broken procelain and ceramics, providing it is decorative and not meant to hold water. I use masking tape to hold the piece together while the glue dries, and the glue is pretty much clear when dry. It is fairly easy to remove excess glue before it dries by using a damp cloth. Other glues are not so forgiving.


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'Super glue' has a feature that most are not aware of, and that is it will not stick to itself. That is to say, if a film of the glue has already been set and formed a film on a surface, subsequent attemps to glue to this surface will be weak and will fail.

If a joint fails on the first attemp, the surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned and all traces of the old super glue removed before trying again. Its persnicky.

An acidic surface interferes with bonding strength whereas a basic surface aids setting and bond strength. When preparing the surfaces for joining, a final wipe with amonia will aid. However, the surfaces should be dry before gluing so wipe away any liquid amonia and allow drying before gluing.

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