My big mouth... :(

maidmarionJanuary 31, 2005

My husband and I am trying to rent a house from a private owner and I made the mistake of telling them that my husband travels to Cuba. The woman wanted to see his disability check stubs and I told her that I couldn't get them to her until he comes back because I don't know where he keeps them (true). Should I have done this? How many of you would rent your house to a couple where the man travels to Cuba (I told her this is his last trip because he's really not supposed to be traveling there--again stupid move).

I mean, I told her the truth (his dad moved there and my husband goes to visit). But, some people are paranoid and I can just see her mind working overtime on this. I think I should have kept my mouth shut.

If they really want to rent to us, I guess they will wait the two weeks until he is back to get the stubs. I really like the house; it's a cute house. Well, maybe it just wasn't meant to be :(

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As a landlord, I could care less where my tenants travel. The landlady could probably care less as well, but does have a valid reason for seeing the stubs; we need to verify sufficient income to pay the rent.

Now if he wanted to pay in Cuban pesos and expect me to try to change the currency, that would be an entirely different matter.

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Thanks. Turns out you are right: I got the house!:) Apparently, they don't care about where he travels. Also, they're going to wait until he comes back to see the check stubs. Thankfully, I can say goodbye to apartment living for now.

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