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peachydevaJanuary 11, 2011

Hi everyone... I bought this tapestry at an auction and I know nothing about them. Do you think this is French, aubusson? It has a backing, but no tags, measures 38.5x59 and has 6 tabs for hanging. It had one little handwritten label that I can't read except for the price... $400.00. Thanks for any clues.


border and tabs

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No I don't think it's an aubusson....what does the back look like? Is it signed? it lacks the vibrant colors or a good French tapestry.
Linda C

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Hi Linda... here is a photo of the back:

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It has a backing.....can't see the back side of the that woven or embroidery?

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I know I've seen that design before. I found the same design at a site who called it "Society in the Park". It is a reproduction of a 17th-18th century French piece. Probably that same picture has been done by many tapestry manufacturers and a photo won't tell us anything, who did it, what material etc. It looks relatively new and probably is, and may or may not have been pricey depending on the quality, the manufacturer and the material. See link below for their version of this piece.

Here is a link that might be useful: Society in the Park

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Thank you both for your comments. I really appreciate knowing the design name, Calliope, you are a treasure of information! There was a small label stuck on the back of the piece with a notation I couldn't read and a price of $400.00. I think the woman who owned this had some sort of an antique shop and had it for sale there. It's pretty nice but I don't think I'd pay that much for it. It went for $3.00 at the auction!

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A good quality art tapestry can easily pull that amount retail and although I collect tapestries (mostly turn of the century vintage) I'm presuming mine are modest household acquisitions because they were very popular items in that era. I don't think your's is old.

If you paid $3.00 for it.....regardless of it's origin or got a heck of a steal. I love those maudlin old prints.

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calliope is correct. It is the "Society in the Park" Tapestry inspired by Francois Boucher. We sell the same tapestry here on our site :

The same tapestry sells for $217, so you got a great deal.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tapestries

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