I want my roommate out and they aren't on the lease

stillalizJanuary 21, 2007

i have a problem...i live in florida and i had my boyfriend move in with me to help pay the rent. we are no longer together but i agreed to let him stay because i cant afford the rent alone. now he has parties when im not home and he is becoming rude and violent. what are the florida laws on evicting someone who is not on the lease??

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best of luck!

If you rlandlord won't be upset about a not-on-the-lease person having lived in your home, he/she might be able to give you some info. (When I rented in NYC, my landlord wanted only one name on the lease; he didn't care if you had a roommate, but he did not want to be in an agreement with a group; only w/ one person. All roommates were considered to be subtenants of the person who had the lease)

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If he's becoming violent, call the cops. Have a restraining order put on him. Change the locks.

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I think your best bet is to threaten to call the cops on him. Scare him a little. If he's not on the lease it's like he's a guest that has extended is his stay. He really has no lawful right to stay there. I know it's daunting to actually go and get police involved, and could make things sour (even more than they could be), but if it bothers you enough it would get results.

Maybe you could convince him to find someone else to move into with. If he's throwing parties, he has to have friends. Butter him up, make it sound like a really good idea.

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