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highnoonerJanuary 31, 2009

Hi Everyone! I'm a Casting Director for a new HGTV Show about people with neighbor problems and we're looking for neighbors to be on the show. We're not selling anything! The production company is called High Noon Entertainment and you can check us out at The blurb is below -- I'd love to hear from any of you. Thanks!

New HGTV pilot seeking disputes between neighbors. Do you and your neighbor argue over the height of the fence, disagree about the barking dog, pull your hair out over the neighbor's children constantly running onto your property, loud music, the horrendous paint color on a home, etc, etc, etc..

Our show will be shot documentary style and will provide you and your neighbor the chance to openly air your grievances. We will NOT provide a resolution. However, appearing on this show will afford you and your neighbor the opportunity to possibly resolve the conflict on your own!

Please contact for more info.

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Why is there nothing on the website about this? There are only two shows listed that they are doing a call for.

Another question......if the supposed show does not offer aid in providing a resolution, what would be the point of having neighbors argue and get nowhere with it?

Does the world need a traveling Springer show?

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I have to agree -- if there's no attempt at mediation, then what's the point? I personally would only go on such a show in the hopes of actually solving a problem, not to get 15 dubious minutes of fame (though I guess there are plenty of other people out there willing to be reality tv "stars"). But even as a watcher of a show like that...with no resolution, what's the point?

You need to have a mediator to resolve the conflict. That would be far more interesting, than just watching a bunch of people whining about their neighbors.

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But don't you get it guys, the whole point is 'conflict' - it's what makes lousy TV go 'round! Who wants another show that ends in civilized answers when you can start a ruckus (and then walk away before the fur flies)!

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Lots of shows feature an interesting "ruckus" with plenty of conflict, and the point of the show is to teach how to resolve these types of things.

Sure, the shows are edited in a way to always show how everyone "came to their senses" or were willing to bend a bit to the other's point of view, but the episode always ends with a "lesson learned" even if it never really panned out with a complete resolution of the problem(s). One example of a show like this is Trading Spouses.

I can't see the point of watching "a ruckus" for an hour, and then viewing then credits roll on by.

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This is more than likely a scam of some kind. Beware!

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The point of the show is not to deal with ruckus. The point of a 'conflict' based show is to get us to watch! Keep the sponsors happy! It's ALL about money! These people stay up nights thinking of new and crazy ways to get us to watch their shows just to keep the sponsors happy.

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I try to avoid reality shows like this; they make my heart race. And even if they include a token "resolution," the draw is the conflict. Remember that show "Airline"? I watched one episode and thought I was going to have a stroke.

Honestly, how many people are in a neighbor dispute where both parties would agree to go on TV? I don't even go to and from my car unless there's someone else in the parking lot because I'm so afraid of Elephant Man; appearing on TV with him? No way.

Then again, ever watch a show like Dr. Phil and wonder how the "accused" could be stupid enough to appear on the show, knowing they're going to be the bad guy? Remember those two twenty-somethings that told Dr. Phil how they made a career out of stealing from Wal-Mart? Real smart.

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