Condo leaving and vandalism

annoyedfishJanuary 18, 2006

Hi all. you've probably read my previous story.

Now it has escalated into violence. I have reason to believe my upstairs neighbor has dented my car on the left rear quarter panel.

We have surveilence in the parking garage but for some strange reason, condo association person in charge of it is doing everything he can to prevent me to viewing the tape ie coming with all kinds of excuses. I've submitted 2 written request to association to view the tape to no avail.

So, I have these questions.

1, Can I withhold my association due until they let me view the tape?

2, What legal recourses can I take to force them to release the tape?

3, Can someone suggest a video camera that can operate for 12 hrs on a single charge of battery?


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The only previous message of yours that I have seen is where you insisted the elderly SSI income lady who lives above you waits until you are asleep then stays up all night knocking on the radiator pipes just to bug you.

Now she is supposedly denting your car? Your legal recourse is move far, far away from everyone.

If you keep accusing this old lady of things you are going to find her taking you to court for harrasement and mental stress and just from your two messages I have seen, she will win.

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I guess, I need video tape evidence then.

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