Old Fur Coats

kate38January 24, 2013

Does anyone know if old fur coats in good to very good condition have any value and are saleable? I have a mink 3/4 length jacket, a curly lamb full-length coat, and a sheared beaver full-length coat. I don't know what to do with them, other than find a furrier and see if they will buy them. Any suggestions? Don't want to do Craigs list or ebay.

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Used to be a BIG monthly craft show in Rancocas Woods in Burlington County, NJ. For longest time, was always a crafter who would turn old furs into teddy bears. Have a feeling, as "old" furs... maybe not a lot of value?

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I would think that the mink coat would have value depending on condition. Unfortunately in regard to saleability, there is a movement against wearing animal skins. Your buyer may be a person over 50 yrs old.

The beaver coat: Wear that one to the stadium to watch college football games.

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Make a pillow(s).

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Thanks, all. I did think of making pillows because I sew, but somehow it didn't appeal, but I didn't think of Teddy bears. That would be a challenge for me, but if I did a prototype first and it worked out, I could give them to all the kids in the family and they'd have a bit of family history. Alas, I can't wear any of them because I'm taller than my ancestors. My arms stick out way too much.

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Wildlife re-habbers always need old furs for nests & bedding for baby critters.

Best luck with whatever you decide.

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Check out Etsy. Do a search there for "vintage fur". It seems people are both selling vintage fur and also making things from it. Maybe list them there to sell, or contact one of the people who make things with fur to see if they want to buy them from you.

It really depends if they are in good shape as garments.

Maybe you can even combine the furs with each other or with other fabric or leather to make a coat that fits you.

Karin L

Here is a link that might be useful: Etsy - vintage and crafters marketplace

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Thanks so much karinl. I'll take a look at Etsy.

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You might ask if a local college theatre dept. wants to buy them to make costumes.

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Good idea about the college theater dept.! Thanks.

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