Help with noisy neighbors!

celticgalJanuary 28, 2005

Hello :) I have a question and any and all advice is very much appreciated! My husband and I and our two children have lived in our apartment for 3 years. Recently we had new neighbors move in upstairs. Two 18 year olds who do not work, we have been told by one of them that their father pays the rent. They moved in and the first night they had a very loud party. We spoke with them about it and they were very apologetic. They seem to be very nice kids. The parties stopped but, these guys NEVER sleep at night. They don't play music loud but the problem is the constant walking and talking until 4:30 a.m. every single night. We tried to put up with it at first but, the lack of sleep was really getting to all of us. Our children have been walking zombies. This is impossible to sleep through. I spoke with them and they again were very apologetic and told us they would stop walking so loudly, and would try to keep the walking confined to the kitchen, living room, dining room and bathrooms at night. This lasted for about a week and now they are back to the stomping and dropping things and talking loudly again. I am at my wits end. The manager has tried to be helpful but, there is only so much she can do. Am I being too petty? I just am so sick of not getting sleep. I am paying an outrageous amount of rent and I can't even sleep at night. Please help! Thanks :)

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Call the police when you have such problems.

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There is no law saying to walk quietly in your apartment. What do you expect they are 18 years old. They finnaly have freedom. Your landlord should not have let them move in so you should really be mad at him. Im sure that he know that teenagers are usually not that quiet Mayby you should insist on them putting wall to wall carpeting that will help with the noise.
In my co-op you are requierd to have wall to wall carpeting or a large area rugs in your entire apartment excluding the kitchen and bathroom.

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call the police for walking , or acidently dropping something give me a break, lord forbid they talk , geez .. apartments are unfortunatly not sound proof its part of community dwelling unfortunatly it sucks to have somebody living above you .

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if they've mostly been nice when you DO talk to them, try this: approach them again, and tell them that you did notice an improvement, were grateful, but that they've apparently lose focus, because it's still too loud for you to sleep. Ask for their number, and then call them everytime it gets too loud, or you're being kept up past 11pm.

Be polite each time, but call every time. They've probably got NO clue, and you might be able to train them.

Also, ask if they'd be sure to not wear shoes late at night.

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This is indeed very unfortunate. I am in the same boat where my upstairs neighbor has 2-year-old kid running, jumping, playing toys, dropping things every day and somethimes playing music with full bass on, in a word just too much contstant and excessive noises and noises. I complained to them and got very unfriendly respons from them. What can I do? I even called the police and right after they were gone, the f*king guys made even loud noise to annoy me. I contacted the management office two months ago and got nothing from them. My wife just came back from the mgt office this morning and was told this is very complicated and worst matter. The guy named Joe from mgt office said to my wife, he has tons of complaints and doesn't know which one is ours. He should go to hell!!! He added if you go to the court and court will delay the process blah blah blah. They said they would not do anything like enforcing the tenant to put the carpet on the floor although the lease clearly says rugs and carpeting should be put in every room execept in bathroom hallway for at least 80% coverage. He went to say even if with the carpeting on the floor, it still doesn't make any difference. We really hate the noise, you know what I do I have to use earplugs together with a hat :-)

Lucky you have a bit friendly upstairs tenant not like us. However this world is different. People tend to think they can anything they want. I read a lot of posting over the Internet and I have to say you have to do something, either move out and fight to the end by calling cops, baning the ceiling and even suing them in the court for the damages you have suffered. Check here if want more info for dealing with noise:

We are going to look for another apartment on top floor or in the high-rise building with concrete structure.

Good luck!

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It sounds like your neighbors are basically good-hearted night owls who are just living in their apartment at a time you wish they were asleep. As a long term apartment dweller and light sleeper, i sympathize. But calling the police for what isn't really excessive noise is not the answer, especially when the people in question have been polite and tried to work with you. This shows that (even though they seemed to forget eventually) they are basically considerate people, and you wouldn't want to start a tenant war with them, where you call the cops or management on them when all they are doing is being awake and active at an a time which is inconvienient for you. The next thing you know, they will start calling the cops on you for banging pots in the sink when you are washing them or something equally silly and you'll both end up as "problem tenants" in the eyes of the landlord. That's bad for your rental history.

So, here is the best advice i know of. First - next time get the top floor for yourself. Basic living noises transmit well to lower units, but usually not so much the other way around. In the meantime, use fans or other white noise generators in the bedrooms. You will probably still be able to hear them talking and walking if you listen for it, but the humming of the fan should make the sounds recede and allow you and your family to get some sleep.

If that doesn't provide relief, take Talley Sue's advice - express your appreciation that they are being so understanding and ask for their phone number so that if they forget you can call them. Make sure you are in a good mood before you have this conversation. ;)

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I suggest using white noise too. You can turn on a room fan, or music or buy a white noise machine. I am such a light sleeper that we have tried all 3 methods in our house to drown out neighborhood noises and cars, which are not especially bad but I just sleep lightly. For years we went to sleep with classical music playing all night from the stereo in the family room. Try something like that for the whole family.

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Thanks for the advice. I did try to talk to my neighbors again. They had been really loud one night. They sounded as though they were dropping pretty heavy things until about 3:30 a.m. I went up to their door and knocked but they wouldn't answer so, trying to be really nice I baked them cookies and wrote them a note. Asking them to please understand that we need to sleep and asking them to keep the walking and dropping things down a little after 11:00 p.m. on weeknights. It just seems to have gotten worse though, They are getting louder at night and there were cigarettes thrown all over my patio, the other night we came home and there was spit all over my from step and they were standing on the balcony above our front steps so I knew it was them. I guess they didn't like the cookies? I just don't know what to do now. I did buy a white noise machine that has a fountain and plays wilderness noise but, it doesn't help. I just can't continue to pay 2250 a month for rent when I hate the place I live. Sorry for complaining so much.

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Start recording in writing every incident of noise, every time you contact the upstairs tenants and every thing they do. Call the manager. Call the manager at home at midnight when the noise starts if you can get the number. Continue to be polite to both manger and the kids upstairs, but firm that the noise needs to be reduced. You can't eliminate the need for walking, but you can reduce the amount of noise it makes. And why, oh why, do upstairs apartment dwellers seem to drop bowling balls on the floor all night long? (Can you tell I've been in your shoes before?)

Ask the manager if you can move to a different apartment. I realize this is a pain, but it may be the only solution that will work. The fact that you did not have problems for three years with other tenants does mean that the problem is largely the fault of the two teenagers upstairs.

I sympathize--I've been the downstairs tenant for many years. Even with very nice upstairs neighbors, there is a certain amount of noise that just can't be helped. Now that I live upstairs, I find my self tiptoeing around so as not to bother the two grad students downstairs too much.

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If any of you have had expereience with this I would love advice. There is another apartment in the community that I would love to move to. It is in the front of the community and right next to the pool and bike trail. Do you think the manager would be willing to move us to that unit? It's the same size and price as ours but, the manager would have to prepare our apartment for someone new to move in. Do you think they would go for it and if so what would I say to convince them to move us over there? Are there extra costs that go along with switching apartments? Will they charge us for another security deposit. I paid $1700.00 when we moved in can they just roll that over to the new apartment? Thanks!

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Celticgal - every landlord is different. I recently transferred to another unit in my complex - partly for the better view, partly to get away from loud neighbors who i'm convinced are going to manage to burn that building down... but i digress! In my case, the unit i was leaving was in good shape despite 4 years of wear and tear, so they allowed me to transfer my deposits. There were no extra fees associated with it because we did it when the lease on the original unit was due for renewal. Apparently in the middle of the lease there would have been a fee. Talk to the landlord before they rent that unit out! Hope it works out for you.

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Oh, one more thing - since their behavior seems to have escalated and moved past basic living noises and into roudy party noises, calling the police is now appropriate, especially for loud banging at 3am that seems intentional, not incidental. Be prepared for possible retaliation though. The transfer is probably your best option, and since it would be to get away from disruptive neighbors, you have a good case for why it should be free. Bring a copy of your lease, i bet there is a clause in it about you not being allowed to interfere with other resident's peaceful enjoyment of their units, something like that. Ask why these kids are not being held to that clause, i'm sure it's in their lease too.

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I feel sooo bad for you. I don't know why people feel the need to be so nasty. It seems like problems tend to worsen when the neighbours are in a group of two or more. I was in a similar situation and my neighbour would become increasingly noisy -banging on my wall, screaming, yelling at me through the wall- when she had company but that same neighbour would shrink away from me when I saw her in the hallway and wouldn't dare look at me or say anything to my face if she was alone.

I think that it was very nice of you to take the time to speak with them. Why hasn't your husband spoken to them? They might become a bit intimidated by your husband and that might do the trick.

I think that your best bet would be to keep a record of everything over the next few days and then call the police. See whether this causes them to settle down. If not then it might be best for you to start looking for a new place

Best of luck and stay hopeful!

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Well we are moving. The leasing office is letting us move to a new apartment on March 7. They are being difficult though. They did raise our rent and when they told us they were raising our rent, they seemed as though they didn't want us to re-sign the lease. Every time they call us with new information they all have pretty bad attitudes. I guess they just want to make this as difficult as possible for us. They seem to forget that this was their doing. They shouldn't have moved two 18 year old kids above a young family. Seemed as though it was a recipe for disaster from the beginning. I just hope it goes smoothly from here. Thanks for all the advice!

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You did the right thing by talking to them but most of the time that doesn't work. Call the police next time. Make sure you document each time you talk with your neighbors and gather police reports. If all else fails, sue them and provide all of your documention. Your apartment manager knows what's going on. Warn her that if it doesn't quiet down you'll be forced to break your lease and move out.

I have the same problem too, only with an OBESE woman who likes to wear heels all the time and clean in the wee hours of the morning (vacuuming, washing clothes, etc.).

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You are in an unfortunate situation, but I think you must realize that nothing is perfect in life. People walk, people talk, and people have parties. And sometimes people must move if their living environment is not compatible with someone else.

Our society is a 24/7 society. Apartments and condos have people who work the first shift, second shift, third shift---and sometimes no shift all all.

Many people, probably a third of the population, have insomnia and sleeping problems; so this segment of the population is up-and-down walking and talking at all hours of the night.

The two guys are just 18 years old, so they may not be so accomodating. You've mentioned to the guys that a problem exists for you, but I think that's about all you can do. Life is a learning experience, and the next time you rent an apartment you will know that a top floor apartment is on your priority list.

I agree with some of the responses here that "white noise" is a possible solution. I have slept with a fan for almost 30 years. If one fan doesn't do the trick, then have two fans.

Moving, though, often trades in one problem for another. If you should move, the next neighbor may have wind chimes by your window. Hopefully, you'll love the rattling of wind chimes and you will be falling alseep in just a matter of seconds.

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i have the same situation here where i live and they don't have the same respect for us as we do for them . they are constantly fighting and the cops are always here and they are involved in drug sales and gang fights . they constantly jump on the floor and its our cieling. things are always falling of the walls and the one child constantly throws things and had tempertantrums and im getting sick of this . my boyfriend and i work different shifts . he works from 1:30am -4:30am and sleeps durring the day . i on the other hand work from 8:00am - 5:00pm and sleep throughout the night . well i guess they think that people don't work on this block. we have told the landlord on many occations and he has spoke to the people upstairs and it has not done any good. this is a one bedroom apt. and there is 2 adults and 2 children liveing in there. the 5 yr old should be at school durring the day and is not . the other is a 4 month old little girl. they ( the adults) trash the outside of this house and we have to clean up after them so we don't get in trouble with the landlord. we keep telling him that he won't get the rent if he don't do something about this situation.

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Yikes. Witholding rent can get you a three day notice to quit or pay. I think there are legal instances in which a tenant can withold rent, one of them being IE: A broken pipe, appliance, or heating problem that the owners are responsible to repair. You may want to contact an attorney about witholding rent first.
I'm surprised your manager doesn't do anything about drugs.
Temper tantrums are difficult to control but the parents should be working with their children about it. Just my opinion.

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I'm having the exact same problem. Management moved a young man into the apartment upstairs. By himself, he made so much noise walking back and forth and banging at all hours of the night. Then out of nowhere, his extended family appeared and moved in. Grandma, Grandpa, a wife, 3 kids, a sister and her husband and their kids. The first couple of sleepless nights, I chalked it up to them settling in. I have tapped on my ceiling a few times to let them know "hey, that is a bit excessive, do the kids have to jump off the window seats on the floor like a hundred times each?". When I tap, they stop back as if to say "F&*k you". Nice neighbors huh? Not one of them are capable of walking up or down the stairs in front of my door. They must run like a herd of elephants, up and down and oh I forgot something, back up and back down and slam the door and slam the door and slam the door. Now let's all pile in the car which is parked right outside my patio and while we are piling in the car we will keep the boom box in the car at the maximum volume so my whole apartment shakes. The management won't do anything. The police won't do anything. I am being forced to move, but before I go: WARNING TO ALL FUTURE POTENTIAL RENTERS IN THE LAS VEGAS, NEVADA AREA. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT RENT FROM EASTGATE APARTMENTS ON SOUTH NELLIS BLVD. THEY DO NOT KEEP UP THEIR END OF THE LEASE, THE MANAGEMENT OFFICE IS FULL OF UNTRAINED STAFF, THEY ALLOW BIG DOGS TO RUN AROUND AND POOP ANYWHERE IN THE COMPLEX, THERE ARE MANY DRUG DEALERS LIVING HERE AND THE PLACE HAS A ROACH PROBLEM. Now I will contact Channel 13 and see if justice can be served.
Thank You.

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I am a landlord of an appt. building, and it all depends on what type of noise, and what time it is. I know that for walking around there is nothing that a person can do. For the banging and that there is.

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With all due respect grumpyangel1515, there is something that can be done. In my lease, the same lease that the upstairs neighbor signed, it states that "Resident agrees that the conduct of Resident, his guests or other occupants shall not be disorderly, boisterous, or unlawful and shall not disturb the rights, comforts, or convenience of other persons." When we are talking about thumping, bumping, unruley kids jumping up and down, bouncing a ball, running from one end of the apartment to the other, constant hammering, builing, and the dropping of bowling balls, that is excessive noise. We are also talking about 5:30 am to 1:00 am daily....daily, every single minute of every single day. This is the kind of noise I am talking about and it is disturbing MY RIGHTS to comfort. We all pay the same kind of rent. Just because some people were raised to be rude and inconsiderate of their neighbors does not give them the right to make my life miserable. As for people with kids...take them to the community park to get it out of their system. Don't lock them up in an apartment all day and expect them to sit still, but don't expect your neighbors to 'sit still' and tolerate it when they run all over the place banging and bouncing balls. It all boils down to respect. We are all in the same situation and landlords will say anything to keep their places rented.

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OMG! I got up this morning after only getting about 4 hours sleep due to my noisy neighbors and I was sooooo in need of connecting with somebody else who knows how I feel. I got onto the net and found this website and though I'm so sorry for what you all have gone through, I must say that it makes me feel a bit better to know that I'm not alone. I've been living in my one-bedroom apartment for over 8 years. Things were just fine here until about 8 months ago when a woman and her young daughter (5 years old) moved in next door. The woman is in her 30's, so I thought maybe she'd be mature and intelligent. WRONG! She is the worst thing to happen to me. She has only teenaged friends and must have about 12 or 13 (or more) in her house on a daily basis; in and out, running/stomping up and down stairs all hours of the day and night, getting up on things and BOOM..jumping down onto the floor below (I've had two pictures fall off of my walls for this), some of the kids skip school and spend the day at her house and so it's a never-ending thing. The woman herself is a loud, filthy-mouth being. The music blasts at all hours. I tried to talk to her but it did no good. She told me that she's not going to stop "living" for me. I complained to the office, but when confronted with the complaint by the management, she bald-faced LIED and said that it was all untrue. So, the next time that I lay awake at 2:30am, trying to get to sleep over the noise coming from her apartment, I called the police. I waited by the front door to see what would happen when the police came, but she obviously saw the police drive up and TURNED THE MUSIC OFF! When the police got to her door, they told her they had a report of loud music and yelling coming from her apartment and she told them she was asleep and that I was crazy! I opened my door and called her a liar and told the police that she had turned down the music and gotten quiet ONLY after seeing their cruisers drive up. Unbelievably, the police turned on me! They told me that they didn't observe any noise coming from the apartment and that if I had a "dislike" for the neighbor, I needed to move. That blew my mind. They wouldn't even consider that I had been telling the truth and for her to hear them tell me that just made matters worse. It made her believe that, even if I called the police, if she told a good lie and got quiet in time, she could get away with anything. And, she's right! She and her cronies now have it in for me for daring to call the police and they bang on my walls constantly, they scream hateful things at me outside my apartment door (everytime they walk by, they say things like "F$%k you, you Black b&tch!" or "Call the cops, b&tch! I don't give a sh#t!" I am at my wits end. I have prayed that this would stop and even started thinking that I must be an awfully bad person for this to be happening to me on a regular, daily basis like this. I have fantasized about buying a semi-automatic weapon and blowing everybody away over there. I have wished she'd have a car accident and die that way. I have wished that her abusive boyfriend kill her. These are not the kinds of thoughts that I would normally have, but they actually give me a moment's pleasure to imagine them all gone and the noise stopped (silly, I know). I'm tense and anxious all the time. I actually sit in wait, wondering what's going to happen next. Do you know how awful this feels? I can't afford to move and I've been her a long time, in great standing. I pay my rent on time and don't cause any problems. Why should some loud, nasty new tenant be allowed to move in and break ALL the rules without any sort of consequence? I'm so at my wits end. I don't expect you guys to have any answers for me. I just needed so badly to vent and just typing this has been cathartic. I'm crying as I type because I feel a bit of release, just being able to share what I've been going through with others who have had same or similar experiences. Have a blessed day, everyone and good luck to all.

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TO Lyni, I feel for you. OK heres my lil advice. Next time the police come to your home take down their name and badge numbers if they try to pull that crap again notify the local precinct because they are surpose to help you or at less they should have told her to keep the noise down! You wont always get the same police and if you do asks for another! Keep all your documents together. Next try to get proof of her and her friends harassing you, record the loud noise, try to asks one of your neighbors you known for a long time to come over and witness the noise. Get all the proof you need and take her or your landlord to small clams court. Rates here are 25.00 dollars or more. I thought I has issues but lately my neighbors have been pretty quite. I would not take this lying down if I couldnt sleep at 2:30 am. Hope I was helpful.

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hiddeninthemist, thank you so much for your advice. I hadn't ever thought of small claims court. I had called the police department and spoke to a detective and he told me that I could file a criminal charge for harrasment, but that I would have to have concrete evidence of it or the judge would simply throw it out of court. But, with small claims, the evidence level isn't as stringent. I'm going to surely take your advice about getting the officer's name/badge number. I think that's a great idea and maybe, just maybe, asking for a badge number might make the officer think twice and change his tune (that is, if he's worried about being reported). Thanks, again, for your kind reply.

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Well, I agree to have landlord put carpet down in there place so it would make it a lesser noise level for you. It works. Or maybe see if you can switch apartments. It might help there too.

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Next time you want to call the police, explain to the dispatcher that you've called before but she turned the music down when she saw the cruisers coming. Is there a way they can approach that she would not be able to see?

I know that our neighbor thought that was what was happening when he would call the police about my husband's electronic drums. Honestly, it wasn't that we saw them coming and my husband stopped playing, it was that it would take at least half an hour for the police to come and by that time my husband was done playing. We've since kinda smoothed things over with the nieghbor, and found out that he had, toward the end of the problems, requested that the police approach from a certain direction so that we wouldn't see them coming. Maybe this way you can get the cops there without her knowing so that they can witness the noise for themselves.

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Someone PLEASE help me cope with my ridiculous upstairs neighbors. i have just moved into a new apartment building that is closer to my college. my last one was six blocks away, this one is only one block away. anyway, this is my first apartment where i am NOT on the top floor. i know last year, when i was above someone, i tried to stay as quiet as possible. this year, i have recieved no sleep for over a week. for some reason, as the weeks get closer to winter and the parties arrive each weekend, the people who live above me have gotten unlivable. it started about three weeks ago with the occasional walking and tv noises i expected. however, within the last week, i have been reduced to a puddle of emotion whenever i know they are up! last night, after sitting for two nights straight and crying, yelling, banging back; i finally confronted them. they are asian and don't speak the language well. i knocked on their door at 1am (after hearing the banging go on since 9pm) and told them, "i don't care about the talking, i don't care about the music. what i do care about is the constant banging and the loud sounds that physically wake me up (if i'm lucky enough to get a few 'winks' of sleep)." the one who opened the door (by the way, he only opened it just wide enough so i could see his face, which makes me suspicious of EXACTLY what they were doing in there) told me they were just about to head out and that they were sorry. i said fine, and went back downstairs. now, i could swear that the only people i EVER see go in and out of that apartment are two girls. so, they left, probably to go to another party, and i was able to get about an hour of sleep before i was woken up, yet again, by a bang on my ceiling so loud i thought that an actual elephant had been dropped! i could not believe it. the walls rattled, my dishes rattled in my cubards! i am concerned about my dishes, and have actually moved them to a cabinet that was not attached to the ceiling for fear that they would fall and break. this was just one incident in a series of many spaning about three weeks. i have another six weeks, plus another semester (AT LEAST) of this and i can not function NOW becuase of the irritation and lack of sleep. i know there is not much to do about this type of thing, but i need SOME advice. i sleep with my tv and my fan on every night. this "white noise" does not help in the least. like i have stated earlier, the bangs and stomps literally wake me up. i do not want to call my landlord and become the "rat" of the building. moving is not an option. there are very few apartments available as nice as this one, as close to the campus as this one, and as cheap as this one around here-because it's a college town. i have actually contemplated going to a hotel to get some rest. someone please advise me on what to do?! i need sleep and help. i have actually stopped talking to people out of fear i will be so irritable that i will 'literally' bite their heads off! thank you for any advice you can give me.

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to Desperate -- I see that you have mentioned that you sleep with the TV and fan on -- but have you tried earplugs? they are really a lifesaver for me, and have been ever since college many years ago when I had a loud roommate in the other bunk bed. I use Mack's earplugs (look like white wax)-- but when you go to the drugstore, check for the decibel rating and maybe get a few different kinds. I hear from my Iraqi friend that there is a kind the American military uses (that are foam and you have to roll up before putting in your ear) that are way more effective than the kind I use, but I had tried the foam ones and wasn't using them properly and they would fall out.

good luck with your sleep. Lack of sleep can make you feel like you are going out of your mind.

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Some people really should live in a barn. Unfortunately, "cattle" are frequently least able to afford to live in a house!

If I had to deal with this crap on a daily basis, I'd be ready to pop too. Can you stay at a friends house on the weekends so you can at least catch up on your sleep two days of the week? How many floors does the building have? Send the tenants who live directly above them a certificate for a couple complimentary tap dance/line dance lessons in their home!!

If I were absolutely SURE they were doing it on purpose, I'd attach a radio alarm clock next to the ceiling of their bedroom and set the alarm for a time when they are sleeping. Have it set on a station that plays Opera or thrash metal!!

I wouldn't want to have to stay here 6 weeks let alone another semester. Can you find a room in a house with roommates who have the same major (hours) as you?

Just remember. Your getting a good education so you won't have to live like this forever. The light at your tunnel is in sight! Just one more year of your life before things get alot better. Hang in there.

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My wife and I recently purchased a condo, we have lived in it for a year and never appreciated the neighbors that were under us...until now. The new neighbors moved in a few months ago. They are both about 60 - 65. I thought when I first met them that they were an older quiet couple, I was dead wrong. Once they moved in there was constant banging and hammering. They were working on remodeling for a few weeks, although they are just renting! The first week they were here I got a knock on the door. The older man said their electricity wasn't hooked up yet and asked if he could run an extension cord from our balcony into his house "just to run a few lights" and swore it was only for the day and he would give me $20. Trying to be nice and make a good rapport with our new neighbors I reluctantly said yes and told him he didn't have to pay me if it was just for a day. He said "nothins free, I'll pay you after we get electricity" Well, as soon as he plugged in I could here them doing laundry, vacuuming, and blasting their tv with the 80's giant subwoofer speakers. The circuit breaker actually flipped once. Everything went silent and it sounded so good! A minute later the lady ran up and said her husband asked if we could flip the switch back on because they had lost power! Once I did it continued again. I thought, hey, its just for the day, I would want them to help us if we didn't have electricity...Well, the day passed, and the next, and the next! By this time I had had it, I came home from work, but found that the plug was gone, they had pulled it out and had their own power. after that I saw them a few times in their house, they waved but never gave me my $20! I felt greedy to ask for it. For the last few months they don't make any really loud noise, its perfectly inbetween were its not really loud enough to complain, but loud enough to make you grit your teeth and drive you up the wall! Their tv never stops! I hear it when I wake up at 6:30am, I hear it at midnight, just a constant rumbling under us from the giant speakers. Again not loud enough to call the police, but just enough to drive us insane. We went down and asked them if they could turn it down a few weeks ago. The man seemed annoyed but the wife was sooo apoligitic, apoligizing over and over as we walked away saying thankyou. It was quite for about three weeks. Now, the speakers are up and running again. I'm assuming the guy below finally said screw this and plugged them back in.
Now whether its 2am or 8am, I hear the constant muffled voices of the jerry springer show and music from movies. I feel like this shouldn't be anything to complain about from what I have read above. I'll pray for all of you, telling your complaints outloud makes you think you are just complaining and being nit picky, but anyone knows who is at this site that the little things can REALLY ruin your life! Who knew noise could hurt you so bad. Oh yes, and I have had the fantasies before, my favorite is where I walk into their house smash their tv and speakers with a bat, and then just walk out while they have their jaws dropped. Good luck to everyone!

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The new neighbors moved in a few months ago. They are both about 60 - 65." I know this won't help you one iota, but at that age, and TV and music up loud, it sounds like one or both need hearing aids. Went through this with two parents. Walk in the house, can't hear yourself think over the TV (a two story, the sound carried through most main level rooms). My stubborn mother finally broke down and got hearing aids, and now you walk in to 'normal' noise levels. So I doubt they're doing it to be obnoxious, sounds more like they just don't hear well?

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Threaten to move out. Do it if you have to.

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I have a neighbor move in next door that my fiance and I had a bad history with. In fact, we moved from our previous apartment to get away from him. Low and behold, he ends up next door! I've kicked him out of my old apartment for yelling and trying to get into physical fights with us. My fiance worked with him and invited him over a few times to play cards (before we knew that he was serious bad news), but we soon learned that he was trash. We found out he does many drugs and beats his girlfriend. It's just unbelievable that he's next door to us. We joke and say we could move across the country and sure enough, he would live across the street.

The other night I was taking out the garbage and I heard him gagging his girlfriend as she was screaming. We know there is drug trafficking because different people, always new faces, are constantly in and out of that door and don't stay for more than a minute. There is constant noise from people running up and down the stairs and the door slamming. My fiance is always sticking his head out of the door and asking them not to stomp on the stairs and slam the door because his echoes, but they are all rude to him. And people are living there that aren't on the lease.

We've brought this to the owners numerous times and learned that we are not the only ones who've complained. Yet they said they can't do a whole lot and gave us a number to call when they are being noisy. Only problem is, that because of this drug trafficking, people aren't there long enough to get caught. Thanks management for all your great help!

We later found out that this guys has a $4000 dollar failure to show at court warrant out for his arrest. We've called the police because the neighbore threatened by fiance's life. The police was sort of helpful, but this guy hasn't been arrested yet and everything is still going on. Luckily our lease is up at the end of March.

It really is hard to get your voice heard. You've got to be tenacious about it. All you can do is move if you want an easy solution I guess.

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Not sure if its a state or federal law but as a Landlord if I don't do anything about drugs being sold in my units the gov can sieze the unit. That might perk your landlord up.

I'd also call the cops and let them know about the drug trafic. In my city they would send out an undercover drug/gang officer. They camp out for a day/week and observe.

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I hope this doesn't sound harsh, but when you decide to rent an apartment, you make a conscious decision to live among other people.....other people who may have different lifestyles, may work different shifts, etc.
You can't possibly ask or expect people to not walk around their apartment....ever. You can expect people to keep their noise down during the evening hours, but you can't expect them to sleep during the same hours you sleep. Plain and simple.
Call the cops and tell them, "my upstairs neighbor is walking around and I find it bothersome", let's see how quickly they come rushing out to investigate.
If you want quiet, you should buy or rent a single family house. If you are a light sleeper, you should go to your family physician and get an Ambien prescription.
I don't mean to sound harsh, really, but if the people below me kept coming to me and asking me to not walk in certain rooms during certain hours, I would probably laugh at them. I would give them the business card of the real estate agent that sold my last house and reference them to an MD that prescribes sleep-aids.

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I just want to say that I have seen alot of advertisements for Green Glue on this site. I am a condo owner and after some research purchased green glue to sound proof the common wall in my bedroom. I WAS VERY DISAPPOINTED. Don't believe the hype, the stuff doesn't work. After investing labor over the course of 2 days off from work, and about 600 bucks for materials, I have no improvement. I bought a $50 white noise machine and that actually works. Save your time and money and don't fall for the soundproofing products out there.

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I have similar problems with neighbors. I found a way to mask irritating noise. I listen to Brownian noise I bought from iTunes. It works best if I use my Bose noise reducing headphones.

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Well, I see here, unfortunately, I am not alone. It's only been 3 months since a new person moved in my neighbors and the partying started in earnest - from 2 nights a week to 6 or 7, until 4am or later. A bunch of young drunk rowdy indians, do you really think I (a little white woman) want to go politely ask them to be quiet? The apartment next to me has turned into their "party house". Domestic violence and fights often ensue. (she beats him up as much as he beats her up) I don't think things are loud enough to call the cops, when it is, it wouldn't last long enough for the the cops to show up, but it sure comes through the paper thin walls - all of it. They congregate out the back and front doors smoking cigarettes (so that I must keep all my windows closed) and they love slamming doors - often, like every 5 to 10 minutes for good measure. Tonight I tried playing some music to drown out their noise -nope, they are slamming doors louder, even drumming on the wall. It's 10:30pm, it's about to get louder. I have talked to them, last month, now they just sneer at me when I see them (so do their little kids who used to like me) and things have gotten MUCH louder since then. The apartment management has been no help.

Afer reading everything here, I guess I just have to move - again. I'll check the lease to see if I can legally break it (because the managment is not enforcing the noise levels to what the lease says). If not, I guess I get a lawyer to get me out of the lease. If that doesn't work, I try to rent it to some partiers.

Good luck to everyone! Sure is a shame there is no respect anymore. Thanks for the support!

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Having the same problems as many have described here. To be brief, over the past year I've been having problems with the tenants above me. Over the past month I've been averaging 4 hours of sleep per night due to the excessive, repetitive noise. The two unreasonable specimens won't even open the door so I can have a polite conversation. They retaliate by being LOUDER when I knock on the ceiling. They completely ignore the management, violate their lease with the noise & illegal pets, yet the cops say they can't do anything unless the noise can be heard from the street (of course they quiet down when the cops come). I'm in the process of moving. Warning to all reasonable, adult, mature, polite human beings thinking of relocating to Seattle: DO NOT RENT FROM THE HARVEY APARTMENTS ON EAST CHERRY STREET. It's called affordable housing because you get what you pay for. I always pay my rent on time and treat people respectfully yet I'm the one looking for a new place to live ASAP. I know there are worse things in life, but constant lack of sleep will make anyone feel bad. Good luck to everyone.

Isn't it a shame that we're the bad guys for expecting people to be reasonable?

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Lyra2112, I can sympathize with having rowdy neighbors but to call your neighbors rowdy Indians and to say you're afraid to talk to them because you're a little white woman is racist, and it is not appreciated.

Their race has nothing to do with why they're making noise. People of all races, nationalities, genders, etc. can be good neighbors or bad neighbors.

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for the past 7 months my eyes have been red and irritated because i cannot have a good night sleep. my korean neighbors are not very loud, but their language is so low-frequency that it goes throught walls like radiation. they say that they are hard working people, maybe they are, but i dont know when they find time to sleep. their tv is on almost until 3am, and then to make things worse, their loud alarm clock wakes me up at 6:30am. its driving me nuts, i cannot believe how terriblely the walls are constructed in this luxury apartment ($1500/month). their should be tougher laws regarding sound proofing, people like us (sleep deprived) there are millions of us! we should unite and make the landlord install extra soundproof material in our apartments. this stuff exists, but it is costly, and the landlord should be responsible! we have to unite and congress should pass a "soundproofing act" for both new and existing construction! because lack of sleep is even worst then smoking! it is worst then lack of excercise, it should be dealt with! we are all hard working people who deserve sleep hours, and because of some goddamn "WALLS" we cannot sleep well!!! people are not a problems, its the construction of our homes that is the problem! WE DESERVE 2 INCHES THICKER WALLS GODDAMIT!

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"language is so low frequency" - what???

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I feel for you! my upstairs neighbor also said they were hardworking ppl! they stay up in odd hours, make great noises between 1:20-5:30AM, the floor is not carpeted! I cant tell if they are flipinos or mexicans, they are short & small ppl but they walk like heavy 1-ton elephants.

and my next door neighbor, she is in the wheelchair, she is quiet, but sometimes she gets excited when the social worker who speaks her language comes, they talk so loud, I can hear everything but I dont understand one word--but it's very noisy. fortunately, she is very quiet during nite time.

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Gosh. I am sorry to see how many people suffer from inconsiderate neighbors. But I am happy to see that other people feel my pain.

We have been living at our Apt complex for 3 years. After the first year we moved from a second floor one bedroom (out of 4 floors) to a first floor two bedroom. In our one bedroom- we never ever heard our neighbors that were inside their units. But we lived near the pool and a major walkway and were woken up when young clubbers came home at 2 am (I was 31 at the time)- so we were happy to move to a non pool area- in fact we face the parking area in the back now.

We loved our new two bedroom- it was QUIET! No more people breaking into the pool at 2 am! No more drunkies laughing past our windows at 3 am!

That is until a month ago. July 2007. New neighbors moved in upstairs. Welcome to Hell.

The first few weeks- we just thought all the banging and music and loud noises were them just settling in. R-I-G-H-T. We never had a problem with noise before- almost two years in this unit. We would sometimes hear our upstairs neighbors. But nothing annoying.

Now the new neighbors wake my husband and I up almost every night at 1:30 AM. We are not sure if this is when someone gets home from a job.......but loud bangs, loud walking, door slams, noises that sound like people are chasing each other and then wrestling, talking from the balcony, and then the 2:30 AM bed banging, woman screaming porn noises. The sex noises are the WORST. And gross.

I call the Security Patrol. They are supposed to turn in a report to management and to make "contact" with the neighbors. R-I-G-H-T. Nothing happens. So I finally called our management. I got an email back saying we have to call security patrol or they can't do anything about it. They need a report. I proceeded to call them- got someone and started very politely pointing out how our sleep is disturbed and then I started crying because when you lose 3 to 4 hours of sleep at night- you start to feel bad. Real bad. Your emotions are out of whack. Your body feels sick. We started taking Nyquil just to get some sleep. Is Ambien next? Why should we medicate ourselves just because someone else is super inconsiderate.

I am sorta OK with the walking at 1:30 AM because using our AC or fans as white noise is isn't so bad. But the sex noises, the bed banging the floor waking us up- I can't deal with that. Because it's always at 2 to 2:30 AM. the same time every other night.

Last Thursday was when I broke done on the phone with management. The upstairs neighbors had been fairly quiet. It's one week later. And last night the same thing- 2:00 AM- bed banging, thumping, woman screaming. Good thing they woke me up at 1:30 AM to hear their show. Didn't get back to sleep until 3:00 AM. I called security. I wrote a 2:30 AM email to management. I went outside and took a photo showing their unit was the only unit that had lights on.

We are getting a video camera to tape their noises. This is war.

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I had the same problem with noisy upstairs neighbors and I feel for each and everyone of you. Unlike many of you, I live in a condominium complex, and have lived here for a number of years without any problems with noisy upstairs neighbors until the family upstairs moved in, a girl with a scummy looking boyfriend who constantly has scummy looking friends over on a daily basis. Reasoning with them didn't make things any better as it just got worst. Aside from the usual excessive noise they had graduated to throwing cigarette butts in my patio to downright vandalism of my garage door. (the last one I have no proof) Of course they didn't yet know that I was a Sheriff's Deputy. It was just something I didn't want to tell them because I didn't want to sound like I was pushing my weight around, and I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe, just maybe they were reasonable good-hearted people. But as the spiteful noise continued to progress, even a nice guy like me has limits. While on duty I intentionally drove home in my cruiser at the time of day I knew they were sure to be home. I drove up the common driveway of our condo and sure enough their garrage door was open and the lowlives drinking beer in their garrage. I drove up slow enough for them to recognize me, and just stared them down without saying a word. Then I left, but not without issuing a citation to one of their guests who parked close to the fire hydrant on the street.
Things have certainly quieted around here since then. The girl's boyfriend is now laying low and so have his friends who dont come over as often as they used to.

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What the heck does the size of the neighbours matter to anyone? Are you all stone racists? If you're implying that certain ethnic groups are noisier than others, say so out loud, but don't sidle into it and hope no one notices!

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Certain ethnic groups are noisier than others. there, i said it. While it may be any ethnic group, the usual common denominator is education. So, whenever there is an education issue in your town, vote yes for it. believe me, i've lived all that you are all talking about. If you can't take it, either learn to live with it or move, these kinds of people will usually not change their stripes just because someone asks them to. By all means, follow the chain of command and video/audio tape noises, get a decibel meter and record that too. It's probably too much to do rather than move tho.
I hope some of you quiet folk move in near me!

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LOL. Then why are the worst places to live, when it comes to noise issues, the apartments right around the college campuses? "Smart" people make a lot of noise too ya know.

You really can't lump noisemakers into a certain group. It does not have anything to do with education or race or money or ANYTHING.

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Sometimes it can be cultural, but even then generalizing is pointless. I do remember long ago having been in Greece for a few wks, coming home to downtown in the evening on a Sunday (big city) and thinking everyone must have died, it was so quiet (and boring!).

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rude -disrespectful people come in all sizes and heights and attitudes!!!
i read some texts here and i think wow! at least i dont have all that going on!!!
I do have things going on in the complex also.. but not like some of you.
I would think tho, when u call the police, your just going to make matters worse on yourself.. for they will be OUT TO GET YA with more noise.

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We have a NEW neighbor that has no respect for the 3 other families she or her family or friends disturb. I thought the people before were bad. Ha. I never wanted to complain to them, it was just annoying living noise and what you have to expect living in an apartment.

I don't want to create a war and make things worse for us. She and random people she has staying there (aside from one man who seems nice) give me the impression they would just make more noise within the hours they can without management getting involved (11pm-7am). When they had TV on so loud I could here it clearly in my apartment and the common hall way I banged on the ceiling twice lightly. I received 6 firm stomps back and the volume didn't budge.
You can't teach people to be polite and have common sense. And sadly because people are paying rent they feel they should be able to do whatever they want with little to no regard for others.
We are trying to wait til next year to move but I don't know how long I can put up with this. It's beyond normal living noise but not loud enough to call the cops.

In my fantasy I take my shotgun and shoot it up at the ceiling each time they drop something early in the morning. If it hits someone that's the cost of being a rude SOB.
While i would never do that it is one of the only things I can think of and laugh about with my husband when I am in the middle of a nervous breakdown/panic attack from the lack of quality sleep and enjoyable time at home after work.

This post is from someone who won't vaccum after 8pm or before noon on the weekend. I also am careful not to slam doors or close them loudly. I take my shoes off in the apartment (with no one below me). My husband and I don't have sex late at night because we respect the neighbors upstairs who have no respect for us.
It's just common sense folks.

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Certainly one ethnic group is noisier than all the others, but when your peace is being disturbed by a noisy neighbor how much does it matter. Here are a few tips that have helped me to make it through lots of time on active military duty, dealing with party soilders and lying neighbors.

- Those foam ear plugs that the military uses to protect hearing, really work wonders when trying to block out noise. It doesn't block out 100 % of all noise but used along with some white noise in the background will be very, very helpful. Just hope you don't have an intruder, because you may never hear him.

- Try ignoring the once a year or so partying that has just become a little over-extended this time around. If this is your only problem, it probably isn't worth getting excited about and calling the police or management after your neighbor may just stir up resentment.

- Lifestyle noise intrusions must be dealt with. Try praying first. Ask the Lord for wisdom, and to impress on your heart what the total course of action should be. Then follow through on it. I'v have found that when I do this, sometimes things that I never would have thought of come to heart.

- Condsider moving to another room in the building (thats what I did with the neighbor's barking dog incident). If your considering small claims suit, you must have proof. Expect your noisy neighbor to lie because they probably will. (Hey, we do live in a fallen world and the heart of man is wicked) Don't count only on the testimony of another person. You need audio with decible readers, and perhaps video. You need to keep a journel with date and times of each incident. The more proof you have before you go to court the better.

- Witness to your noisy neighbor. Tell them about Jesus and even hand them a bible. You might just win a soul.

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We moved into the apartment and have been here about a month and a half. When we first moved in upstairs guy played music very loudly all day and late into the night. We went to the office and complained, they sent a letter to him and it stopped for sometime but then started back up again. I assume someone else complained (you could here the music outside the apartment where everyone parked)because we have not heard it at all, but it has been replaced with his very loudly walking. When he's there it is the whole time back and forth and late in the evening after 12 and at 4 in the morning.. We called the office and the security officer, who we never heard anything back from the security officer. The apartment downstairs the people moved out and the maint. guy was there so my husband walked around our apartment and asked if he could hear us, no, but when we started walking very fast and very hard on purpose he heard, so now we know it's not us just overreacting to his walking. We contacted the gerneral manager and informed her that we could not deal with him any longer. Since the apartment downstairs is available we will be moving one flight down and they waived the transfer fee since we have had issue's with upstairs. I hope this works and we don't end upwith someone else above us with the same attitude. So we feel your alls suffering.

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I have been putting up with what I call Neighbors From Hell! Since Febuary 07 a family of 5 moved into the 3 bedroom apartment directly above my apartment. 2 toddlers 3&4 yrs of age, 1 15 yr old daughter and a 13 yr old son.

The mother is a fulltime welfare case, she does not work, the 2 toddlers are very out of control they run, jump, scream at the top of there lugs, they run, throw things to the wooden floor, from the time they get up at 6 am til the time they go to bed between midnight and 3 am.

The mother yells at them, beats them does not take them any where. The 15 yr old son is addicted to fires he thinks there cool cause they get him attention. We have had two fires here one was in July, the other was a matress
fire. The Police have been to there apartment numerous times. The land lord is convinced they are not in violation of there lease.

The mother has been reported to The Department of Social Services, for the lack of care she gives her children. I have sent HUD letters, the landlord has give Housing Urban Devlopment snow jobs. I am sleep deprived. I do not feel
safe living here. The neighbors have complained numerous times to the Police,both the neighbors here in the apartment building as well as the neighbors here along the steet.

Nothing,absolutley nothing applies to the out of control family that lives directly above my apartment and nor is
it enforced. The mother cannot be bothered to take her
two toddlers to the public restrooms at the lake she has them defficate on the beach than turns around and covers it up with the beach sand.

There are fruit flies in that apartment the 15 year old son was complaining about them it was suggested he clean up the apartment. The land lord had carpeting put down that
is no thicker than a sheet of paper; and it has no backing
to it. There is no sound proofing at all in this building.

I wish there was a Comune for neighbors such as mine. I have found only 2 web sites as for ideas as to how to keep putting up with them; the don't have any consideration, or

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And you are continuing to live there ... why??

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Yes lucy I am still living in the apatment below
with my Neighbors From Hell!! I had requested in Febuary
of 07 to be transfered to a quieter one bedroom; I was denied. The letter I received from my lanlord was a threat
to eveict letter.

To date I am fighting it and unfourtanetly the lawyers here
cannot be bothered to do the nesscary paper work, like
calling and requesting the Police reports, getting a copie
of the tenant list here. Calling witnesses to confirm the excessive noise. To date I am very paiently waiting to
hear from what I hope is a leagle advocate.

It trmendously sucks living below dangerous people they don't give a crap, it is a free ride for the mother, the
only thing her children know it it is ok to break the law
cause than you get 3 squares and a cot. I really feel bad for the toddlers they are not devoloping right they are
very slow. All that they are learning is from there pyromaniac 15 yr. old brother. That is very scary.

I live in the country and the authorities that I have
contacted cannot be bothered to do a real investigation.
Perhaps if I lived in a major city it would be easier for them or that is more convienient for them.

I will keep you posted with Febuary vacation next week
at which I am looking sooo foward to listening to that
out of control family and the mother beat the children
I expect it will be an unforgetable week.

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But why don't you just get out? It's not like you don't have enough ammunition to break the lease!

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also, it's been a year--how long is your lease? Surely you could have moved when the lease was up.

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I had to move or I would have murdered the couple and 5 year old girl living above me.

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Depending on how brave you are I would let the upstairs neighbors know you are taking them to court. I believe you have every right to take this matter to small claims court. If you and your little ones are losing sleep that's not right, because you're paying rent too.
You should also weigh your options, whether going through that trouble and expense (which by the way should be minimal) is better than the other option which is moving. Maybe if they know you're thinking of moving they'll feel bad enough to cool it, but I doubt it.
If you move to a new place be very careful, and maybe consider living on the top floor! It isn't noise free 9I know since i live on the top), but at least you won't hear stomping on top of you.

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I live in students halls and I have two very noisy neighbours. They're international students and I do understand that they may have a different kind of schedule over there - it's hot in the desert and people do stuff at night.

Only this is, they NEVER go to bed at night. they're up the whole night from 9pm to 5 in the morning,running around, smoking, shouting to each other, banging on each other's doors, frying fish at 3am and generally making a racket.

Then, they sleep all day and get up in the afternoon. It's lovely and quiet for them as we're all out at lectures. Plus, we're really considerate and always close doors quietly.

That's what really keeps me awake - slamming doors. It sounds like a small explosion. Plus, the soundproofing in the UK isn't all that good. You're better off in old Victorian houses. The new stuff they're building now has wafer-thin walls.

I've gone out in my nightdress and politely asked them to keep it down a bit. They laughed at me.

I told the halls management who sent them a letter. Again, they thought it was funny.

I've asked other students from their country to have a word with them. No luck.

I should move, I know, it's just they charge quite a lot to transfer to another room and I can't afford it and pay tuition fees as well.

The overseas students get a 25,000 pound annual scholarship from their government.

This is great and there are many wonderful international students here. They're all very welcome. It's just the two blokes next to me and their four friends who visit them that keep me up all night.

After a while, you get so angry, it's hard not to rush out and yell at them. I haven't yet...but lack of sleep really ruins your day. I find that I lie awake all night just waiting for the next crash and bang. I'm so uptight and annoyed.

I've got earplugs and I wear a woollen hat with cotton wool stuffed underneath. I also bought a CD of pink noise from Ebay which I play all night on repeat. I've got three towels pushed against the door of my room. Can you think of anything else I could do?

Anyway, thanks for listening. I can see from the other posts that I'm far from being alone. Your neighbours sound much worse than mine.

Would anyone like to come over to Wales and live next door to me? You'd be so welcome!

All the best,

    Bookmark   January 22, 2009 at 1:08PM
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Can't the police do anything? Over here, every rental agreement comes (or usually does) with a clause about reasonable enjoyment of the premises, or some such legal thing, basically meaning that you have a right to peace and quiet (within reason), and there are laws about what times you can make noise and not. People don't always respect them, but you at least have the option, if the landlord does nothing, of calling the cops to come out and tell them to be quiet. Enough calls and you can get a legal injunction or something to get them kicked out or fined.

    Bookmark   January 22, 2009 at 4:09PM
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The United States is different from Canada, Lucy. I've called the cops on my neighbors & the police won't really do anything. They told me that the property owner or manager has to deal with tenant problems & complaints. The police will come out & tell them to quiet down, but that's about all. It does no good, either. The police no sooner leave & the noise starts right back up again. The best option is to move if nobody will take care of the problem. I'm facing this myself. Sad but true.

    Bookmark   January 23, 2009 at 4:17AM
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Some people just does not have the common sense to know when enough is enough. My upstairs neighbors are so noisy that it sound like bombs dropping when they walk, moreover because it became with intent after I was forced to address the issue to management because the tenants were not nice enough to keep the door open long enough to accept the allegation that they are just too loud, with the slamming of doors, dropping of heavy objects, letting the children use the upstair as the only play ground that they will ever really know, and throwing their bodies into the floor (reasons unknown). My little boy said to me one night when the noise was so intense, "Mom, see it this way, these people are in the dark, it is like they are in a maze and can not find their way out, so they continue to bump their heads into the wall." "Why would people dive into the floor when there is clearly a pool outside that they can swim in, but they would rather break their necks instead." He then suggested that I just use some earplugs for the time being so that I would at least not have to hear the siren when it comes to pick them up from their own injuries. This was way too funny, but the bottom line is, confront the situation at the first sign of it getting out of hand, try first with the neighbor, if no change, report it to the management each time it occurs, of COURSE the tenant is sure to retaliate NOW! Put it in writing to management. If after all has been said and done to correct the issue, and still no change, let management no that you want a re-let, and not to LET you live anywhere in this community, you would rather live somewhere else. Management does not like being put in liability situations, but they do when they don't correct issues like this immediately. There are clauses within your lease that protects you from the very thing that you are prohibited from doing, particulary what my neighbors call (Walking)?

    Bookmark   July 25, 2009 at 2:22AM
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I just want to say if any of you are considering moving to a house please understand that this may not be the best solution to your problem. I currently live in a zero lot home where there are cheap builder AC units are in very small side yards. After a year or research and questioning authorities and local government agencies I have confirmed that our local code office illegally approved these units on the side of our homes. I have trouble concentrating sleeping or doing anything in my house when this unit is on in the neighbor's yard on the side of my house. I have explained the violations of code and the noise ordinance to him and he has refused to quiet his unit. I even spent over $1000 to put up a fence with soundproofing material that still did not help the problem. After two years of trying to be considerate and not just outright suing the boy next door, and yes I said boy a real man and a considerate neighbor would have at least attempted to create a solution instead of just ignoring a completely valid complaint. dBA levels at my property line ate peaking at 70.0 and 40.0 in my bedroom which according to the EPA is much too loud. Also the noise the unit produces is a low frequency level noise that can cause even more detrimental health issues due the low frequency vibrations fluctuating sounds. FYI the unit is 9 years old and the life expectancy of these things is 7-9 years old. My blood pressure levels are through the roof and I cannot even begin to explain the stress I deal with on a daily basis. If I cannot sue him in Chancery Court I will sue him in Small Claims for monetary damages.
All I have to say to everyone who has posted here is make sure you choose a quiet/semi quiet environment by first investigating your surroundings before you move in. Never live below someone if you can help it. Talk to current tenants about the living conditions. Go to and do research on the property before you move in. If you decide to purchase a home think long and hard about the purchase a zero lot home and never buy a home where the AC units are on the side of the house. If possible make arrangements with the seller of the home to spend a few nights at the house before you commit to buying, if they refuse then that should be a red flag for you to move on to the next property. Also when purchasing a home please consider purchasing an older home because the newer homes are crap no matter how much they are valued at. This is the best advice I could ever give to someone that is moving to a new place. Do the proper investigation and make sure that there is not already any potential noise making machinery, outdoor dogs, and inconsiderate neighbors in the neighborhood. Most important make sure that any adjacent noise making machinery is nowhere near your house. You can call the cops on the neighbors for noise and also on the neighbors barking dogs. Usually you can get them cited to go to court and they will be ordered to stop the noise if in fact you can prove it is a nuisance. But dealing with mechanical noise from pool pumps and AC units may prove to be a little more tedious to solve. I hope this bit of information helps.

    Bookmark   July 26, 2009 at 5:20PM
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thegrinch17, while what you are saying about the police is usually correct let me give you a little advice, though a bit tedious you can force local officials work for your hard earned tax dollars. I called the police out on random neighbors for allowing their dogs to bark loudly for long periods of time. After I had called many, many, many, many, times I still saw no difference. By this time I was livid and pissed at the Sherriff's Department for not doing their jobs. Granted in a case of noise the police cannot make anyone stop the noise but they can ask them to quiet down and if they don't quiet down the cops can cite them to appear in court. If this happens its a must that the complainant shows up in court to back up the officerÂs testimony, it would be really wise to do so. In my case I had video evidence to show the judge but the dumb neighbor pleaded guilty without even knowing she had. But anyway the way I got this barking dog owner in court was to write a letter to the elected official in my county for the SherriffÂs Department, since the other officers had refused to cite her. After writing the letter to him explaining my frustration with his officers I got a nice letter back from him stating that I would get a specific officer in my area to address all of my barking dog complaints. I canÂt guarantee this will work with everyone but when you are dealing with these county and local officials you have to have tough skin and you cannot let them say no to you just because they think they can, remember you pay their salaries and take care of their families. How in the hell can they say no to you when you are only asking them to do what they were elected/appointed/hired to do? If you are not passionate about things like this then you should move and not attempt to make these officials work for their money. ItÂs not easy but itÂs very rewarding to see that you helped make a difference for others that may have the same problem down the line. But when government and cities officials are not doing the jobs the hard working taxpayers pay for then itÂs up to us to make a difference. That may mean suing them in court and yes you can sue local officials and have the courts force them to do their jobs or to stop doing something.

    Bookmark   July 26, 2009 at 5:43PM
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PLC1976, thanks for the advice, but my neighbor problem is solved! I moved a little over a month ago & my new place is MUCH quieter. I live on the top floor now & have no neighbors. It's sheer heaven! :)

    Bookmark   August 7, 2009 at 1:25AM
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I myself live in an upstairs unit with my wife. We recently moved to a new apartment with a downstairs neighbor who complains about every breath we take. We do feel her pain. Honestly, we do. We are good people. We try to be considerate but her constant banging on our ceiling with her broom or whatever she uses is insane. I myself find it amusing to picture her taking time out of her life to stop what she�s doing to climb on a chair and bang on the ceiling. She even follows us around and bangs on her ceiling in every room we walk to. I do sympathize for her. Unfortunelty, our impact noise aka �footfalls� on the floor cannot be avoided. I am a big guy. My "heavy walking" as she calls it is unavoidable. We have tried to tip toe around but I have come to the conclusion that no matter what we do she�s always going to complain. For those of you that think that walking softer and tip toeing around is no big deal, I advise you to try it for a month. It is very life changing and not acceptable. We shouldn�t have to live that way. It�s gotten to the point to where we don�t care anymore. Don�t get me wrong, this is not airborne noises, aka TV, Stereo, Loud Talking, Parties. We do own a TV but it�s always at a low decibel level. We do not have parties nor do we own a stereo. We just make everyday living noises. Walking, Talking, Showering, Cooking, Bathroom Noises, etc. What do you expect us to do??? Moving is not out of the question if the facility where we live pays for the move. But that�s highly unlikely. I have talked to the management about the complaints and they told me there was nothing neither they nor I could do about it. She was just gonna have to deal with it. That�s the "con" of living downstairs.

    Bookmark   December 30, 2010 at 5:48PM
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OMG do we live in civilised society>>>??
My upstair tenants are on welfare with 3 kids
I can relate to other postings but this couple have
No respect for nobody. The dont say even hello withou
Four words F,,, you can imagine low life welfare
People who dont have to go to work enjoy all night
With music ,dancing , shouting an screaming ....
I have filed complaint with landlord and city ,hoping there
is dome solution???

    Bookmark   January 2, 2011 at 7:59PM
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You poofs are dumb! Call the cops and exaggerate, tell them you heard an EXPLOSION, someone being stabbed, raped killed, tel them you done tried and tried to talk to them and they threatened to kill you so u r scared to live there. They will arrest them or at least fine the hell out of them.

NOTE: dont let them know it was u never ever confront them in real life just say u did.....

    Bookmark   January 21, 2011 at 12:56AM
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And when the cops show up & find no explosion, stabbing, assault or hostility & threats of death then the caller gets busted for making a false 911 call. A woman went to jail for a year & a responding officer was left paralyzed over a stupid prank like that.

    Bookmark   January 21, 2011 at 9:06AM
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OOH MY GOD..I sit here in the quiet ( in my apt ) listening to the lady upstairs banging on the floor like I am making NOISE!!! This is crazy I would watch Tv, she banged and said it was too loud so I put it so low I pretty much had to read the lips..She still banged, slammed doors and woke my 2 yr old grandson. My husband called the landlord who called her NOW it is worse. I have NOT banged back and even got a small speaker and put it on the couch to hear TV and if you are standing near me you cant even hear it and yet she still bangs , hits the floor like crazy she is doing it now, I just want to CRY! I know she drinks as I see her going across the street to the Package store and comes back with a brown bag a few times a day. She is a sad woman, no husband she works at a school cafe. She is always saying how she likes my apt. We live in a two fam. house, it is an old house and her sec was built up from an old upstairs I do believe, I hear her cough at night so I know these floors/ceilings are very, very thin. I have most of the house, I pay double then she does and have the covered porch and so on. She everytime I saw her outside made the comments about how lucky I am. To the point it bothered me. BUT I try my hardest to keep quiet very hard with a 2yr old BUT have him going to bed at 8pm. BUT this woman is banging when there is NO NOISE at all... How can she bang with NO NOISE???? It is very strange to me. If I was making noise I could understand it better. Right now she keeps getting out of bed, slambing doors and stomping around the rooms and I do not mean walking I mean stomping like a kid having a temper tantrum...I do NOT want to move but I cant live like this. I may need to call an attorney!!! and advice?

    Bookmark   April 12, 2011 at 1:26AM
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i did not know so many have the same problem as i do ...apartment are terrible to live in

    Bookmark   April 12, 2011 at 1:00PM
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Easy. Go on and send thems nice lil "care" package. :)

    Bookmark   April 19, 2011 at 4:59PM
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This is giving me an idea... with the power of the internet, someone could start a website to maybe report on the quietness of various apartments, honesty and reliability of the landlords, etc. If there were only some way of vetting new tenants...the only (!) drawback this might drive the price of the apartments up, and as with the Tucker automobile, the government would probably want to shut it down. Can't have people living in peace, you know.

    Bookmark   June 12, 2011 at 2:17AM
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Ok so I moved into my apartment 4 months ago, yeah I know its not that long ago, but I also put alot of money into the place, I painted, completely remodeled the bathroom, put a new front porch on, and alot more. My problem is the lady that lives above me with her 18 yr old son. She doesnt pay her rent and has pretty much destroyed her place and the basement that we are to share.( I dont put my stuff down there for fear she'll destory it too) Ive told the landlord and hes been saying he looking to get her out but he never follows threw, Ive called the police but they cant do anything just jokingly said buy a good porn movie and turn it up. Ive looked into soundproofing the ceilings but thats $5500 for an apartment thats only $450 a month. Plus now my landlord is saying I cant do anymore repairs to my place or even upgrade the landscaping till she moves out. But who know how long thats going to be, its not fair. I pay my rent on time and improve my place Im nice willing to do whatever needs to be done, but this lady is the worst, she gets louder after I tell her to shut up. Should I dish out the $5500 to soundproof or just move? It sucks cause of all the money I wasted, but now I have to suffer because hes to chicken to deal with her. He actually has to sneak up to the apartment cause she runs and hides and she never answers her phone when he calls so he calls me to see if shes home. Its a pain. Help

    Bookmark   July 9, 2011 at 7:34PM
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Two years ago we had upstairs neighbors who had a late evening "game" of dropping a heavy object onto the floor, over and over and over. Repeated pleas didn't work. We finally called the police a few times, and those chaps are gone, so having been in this situation before, I empathize, and wish to take issue with a couple of replies.

The two young men in question are not 12 years old. They are 19 years old. Excusing them from basic, common courtesy because they are "teenagers" is nonsense, as is saying that the problem noise is related to them being "out on their own" for the first time. As daddy pays their rent, they are hardly "independent", and even if they were, with independence comes responsibility towards others. Unless they are vampires, late night loud noise is inconsiderate and largely inexcusable, especially if it has been nicely brought to their attention before. Another person told the aggrieved to offer to buy the men carpeting. If someone told me that MY late night activities kept them awake, I would buy carpeting myself, or remove my shoes, etc. Again, it's about "courtesy" and presence of mind, something that is lacking in people of ALL ages. The fact that these men seemingly lack it is one thing. That readers here would make excuses for this is quite another. Ten to one, "daddy" is glad to have them out of his house.

    Bookmark   December 8, 2011 at 5:56AM
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you all do not realize how nice it is to know that i am not alone. i have lived in my current apartment for 5 months and from day 1 my upstairs neighbors made excessive stomping/dropping/scraping noises all through the night. i've never had noise issues with neighbors and i now "sleep" with a noise machine, box fan and ear plugs and they still wake me up. from day 1 i've been complaining to no avail. its awful. i love my apartment but i am completely stressed out every time i'm home. i never know how bad the noise will be, how long it will last and if i'll get any sleep. i feel like i'm in an abusive relationship. i didn't know i might be able to change apartments so i'm going to talk to my apt mgr again and see if this might be an option but i've already been counting down the months til my lease is up.

    Bookmark   January 8, 2012 at 11:00PM
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hi call the cops for this nuisance, is the only way to get rid of it...

    Bookmark   January 25, 2012 at 4:45AM
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@plucycat, I think you may be suffering from anxiety, just like me. I used to love living in the 1st floor condo we bought fe wears ago, now I avoid being home as much as possible thanks to my upstairs neighbors. I leave the house on purpose every night at around 6pm for a couple of hours when they come back from daycare so to give them time to get settled. They used to be done at around 8pm, so I would come back then and be able to have a quiet dinner. Now they have pushed back their schedule and the kid stomps around until 9pm EVERY NIGHT. Mind you, their apartment is on 2 floors, so I have asked them after 8pm to please take the kid on the 2nd floor and play with him upstairs. It was a waste of time. On weekends they never leave the house, so it is constant noise from above and as the kid get older and heavier the noise becomes louder. Again, I leave the house as early as I can every weekend to avoid having to live through that. .
But it is not fair, I pay a mortgage and have the right to be in my house when I want to. I do not blast the TV, do not have loud parties, do no smoke or do drugs or anything crazy, they have a nice place to live and I have a hell.
And please do not tell me it's normal apartment living, because it is for me but not for them! So clearly it's not apartment living for everyone, just those unlucky enough to have inconsiderate neighbors! Those of you who say 'just move', let me tell you moving is not always an option, some of us don't have money to move to another place, and some of us are stuck with owning their place.

    Bookmark   April 8, 2012 at 8:45PM
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Im in the opposite situation, We live upstairs and as a active family of four, we tried to maintain a normal live. For the longest I've constantly told my daughter to not run in the apartment, play with the ball inside, normal things she will be doing. My son and wife will work till 1 am in the morning, come home late get things ready for the next day. whether its getting something to eat for the night or just finding a way to unload from the work day. The floors as I noticed creek or shake as someone walk in certain area of the living area. We don't have parties or blare loud music but just trying to have a normal living life. I have emailed the office manager explaining the situation from the neighbor downstairs banging, hammering, slamming, and finally banging on the door as if to knock it down and rum away. One night my wife was just blow drying her hair dry after a shower and preparing for school tomorrow when he decided to bang on the door again. I've called the PD explaining whats going on. For once we had a family dinner and he banged on the door once, went to answer the door and no one there. Banged on the door later on and he was there. He now called the PD on us, of course it was about to finish and everyone was on planning to go home.
Its getting to the point to quit living on egg shells and worry if I can fart, burp, or even walk to the window without hindering the downstairs neighbor..
Apartment living is not like living in a home, I understand his issuses but we can't just lay dead and not move. Our units are not sound proved, I could hear on one side the neighbors having late nite sex, on the other end, have some kind of excerice machine. So in my case I am trying but can't do anything beyond my control of the unit..

    Bookmark   December 26, 2012 at 4:31PM
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I hear ya celtic gal! I have the same trouble except my upstairs neighbor is a fat black woman with an unemployed son and a mannerless child. I work third shift alot and am awakened to the thumping,bumping, and running. So, I tried my own warfare. While I'm awake and they are sleeping make noise to wake them. This didn't work, now she's complaining it's "racial". Anyone with ideas?

    Bookmark   December 31, 2012 at 3:11PM
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