Lease rules, what is legal, what is not......

jazzieJanuary 6, 2006

People need to be aware that what is legal in one state, even county to county can vary greatly.. Here in my county we have right of entry, at any time, all legal. In the county right next to us it is a huge no no, you basically cannot enter a unit for anything with out notice.

Basically before you take ANY advice make sure you know what rights you have from a legal standpoint WHERE YOU LIVE. Make sure you know A) what your lease says B) that it is LEGAL where you live and C) always always always get EVERY agreement IN WRITING.

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I about 100% certain you are wrong.

There's no place that allows right of entry at any time for a landlord.

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That is not true...I have worked apartment maintenance in 11 states, and in each state that I have worked their is a provision in the Landlord Tenant Law that states...

In a multi-family structure if the maintenance personel are called to respond to smoke or water leaks, and if it is determined that the source of the problem may be coming from an adjacent apartment we have the right to immediately enter the adjacent apartment even if the tenant in the adjacent apartment is not home or cannot be reached for notification.

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