Get Out Of Lease If Didn't Move in?

reblrosek9January 11, 2007

I live in WA state. Can i get out of a six month apt. lease if I never moved in? My ex signed a lease to move into an apt. (meant for me). After the big power outtage in our area, the money meant for the apt. got spent...most of the city was out of power. He can no longer afford the apt., has returned the keys and never moved in, tho he did go thru the walk thru with the realtors. He is now liable to pay six months worth of rent even tho he CAN'T and never moved in. Is there anyway he can get out of this?

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A lease is a contract. It's not the LL's fault that he didn't move in. That said, if the LL re-rents the place, you normally wouldn't be liable for the period of the term that the new tenant takes over. So, in other words, your term would have been 6 months, LL doesn't find a tenant for 2 months. Someone finally moves in. You would most likely would be responsible for the two months it stood empty before the new tenant took over.

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I'm not sure I'm following you here. Did your ex lease an apartment for you to move into? How long was the power outage and how did that affect the money so badly? How long ago did this happen? I'm just sort of in the dark (so to speak). We can help if you give us a more details. Hope you can work things out with the apartment.

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None of those things matter. We don't need more details.

The guy signed a lease. He owes.

It's not the landlords fault that the guy "spent all the money" meant for the apartment.

Hopefully the LL can rent the apartment soon, so he does not have to pay the entire six months.

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