Do painted porcelain vanity jars always have certain features?

mahatmacat1January 21, 2010

Or could it just be a jar, no feet, with a top with no handle? I have one that's beautifully decorated, but no legs or handle, just a cylindrical jar and simple top. The decoration is the thing. Does that count as a vanity jar? TIA!

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Well, one thing I notice is that they're better if they come in a set, which this didn't. It's so pretty though, with lots of gilt painting over the pastel. Wish it were signed. And that it had friends. But it doesn't. But it is nice. Never mind :)

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oh my fly, answering yourself, so,soo sad. :)
I have no clue but was hoping for a photo.

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I have lots of "jars" on my dresser....some milk glass. some with feet, some without some painted most not, some porcelain, one bisque and several glass with silver lids both sterling and plate.
Some may have been part of a set, but I suspect most were not.
Then I have a couple of Pratt Pots....wish I had more. theyw ere not ever "Vanity jars" but perhaps found on a vanity.
Linda c

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coop, I was embarrassed that I hadn't researched it before. But just for you :)


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Linda, I googled "pratt pot" and saw such amazing lids. Do you have a photo of your Pratt Pot lid?

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How big is it? It's lovely...
I suspect that it was an "art project" of the time when ladies decorated porcelain....
That opinion based on how the design of the paint doesn't echo the raised design on the jar.
It might be a biscuit jar rather than a dresser jar.

My Pratt pots are quite ordinary, not poly chrome, but just black and white...or cream....but I have the whole pot....not just the lid. Too many people tossed the pot and framed the lid.
Linda C

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You can send it to me!! It's beautiful & matches my bedroom!! Enjoy it whatever it is!!!

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sunnyca, you must have a very pretty bedroom if it matches this :)

linda, it's only about 3.5" high, and in a way the gilt does match, because it looks like the gilt and the paint fit in right next to each other. I do have a soft spot in my heart for that ladies-painted-porcelain time, even though it's probably not all that valuable (any idea?), because it represents high-quality labor-intensive craft/artwork done by women back when their opportunities were much more limited. Sister Suffragette, etc. :)

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3.5 inches makes it a dresser jar...or someone had some very tiny biscuits!
Tehre is a raised design on the bottom of the jat that is not "traced" with paint...
Is there a signature...or initials...? Any mark on the bottom? Often those "lady painted" things were done on Limoges.
At auction? Depends on who's bidding. If it matched your bedroom, I would expect you would bid more than if it was just a pretty jar.
Maybe $35....maybe less.
Linda C

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Thanks, linda. I get it now about the paint not relating to the pattern on the bottom. Nothing written anywhere, unfortunately, not even "Limoges", like on a pretty little dish I have. Glad to know what it's called now.

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