Parking in the 'no parking' zone

socaldisneydudeJanuary 31, 2007

At my complex there are several walkways that lead from the parking area to the apartment units. At each one of these walkway entrances is a curb. The curb is painted red as well as the ground and it is also stated in several easy to see locations "No Parking". This is an obvious firelane designated for emergency vehicles just like any other public street.

As expected some residents do park their vehicles here when loading or unloading groceries and other items too heavy to carry all the way from the parking area. I'm guilty of doing this also. Most of us will park the car there, unload the stuff, then park the car in the designated parking area. However, some of us will park the car there and leave it parked for hours at a time. An example of this was yesterday. I got up early and took my pets to the vet. This was around 730 AM. I came home about 10 AM and saw the same vehicle was still parked in the firelane. Left for work at noon and the vehicle was still there. Came home for lunch at 4, still there. Came home from work at 9 that night and the vehicle was still there. At that point it was fairly obvious that this person was visiting someone in the complex and didn't want to park in the designated visitor parking. I was tempted to call the police and have it towed or at least ticketed but I felt it wasn't my place to report this. Who should handle violations like this? Should I have called the office and let them know? Should I have called the police?

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I think part of the "no parking" is also FOR unloading and loading.

If someone is truly parking there, then I'd say call the office--it's private property, so the police probably CAN'T tow or ticket.

And if you want that area not to be constantly parked in, then yes, call the office.

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No Parking means No Parking.

Loading Zone is for loading and unloading.

The cars are parked in a firelane with a red curb, so the police can ticket. They may not patrol your area very often so you should alert them of the problem. They can tow or ticket a firelane. Police do not need anybody's permission to ticket.

You may decide to be a "nice guy" and call the office. They may just tell the person to move the auto without involving the police or have it ticketed and towed by the police, or have it towed themselves.

Parking in firelanes is a saftey hazard. I can't believe how selfish some people are.

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Does this really effect you? Is it worth the hassel? While fire lanes are there for saftey, its your call on the battle. If it really bugs you for whatever reason call the police.

I'd rather tenants call me than the police but do whatever you want. I just call the local impound and leave the police time for other matters that I cant handle.

Trying to enforce laws or call out violaters as a citzen can be extreamly fustrating.

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Just leave him this picture next time he parks in a fire lane with a note that says..."This Could be You!"

Here is a link that might be useful:

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