Getting fed up - need to vent

rivkadrJanuary 9, 2005

Just need to vent for a moment -- we pay a lot for our two bedroom apartment, and we had been generally happy for the past year and a half while living here. But lately, there's been some real problems:

- the hot water keeps going out. Sometimes just for 20 minutes, sometimes for the whole day. It really, really sucks to get up in the morning and want to get ready for work, and there's no hot water for a shower. The hot water's probably been out a few days every week for the past three weeks. Management has no explanation.

- our dishwasher had some issues last week, and poured water all over the floor. Maintenance had no explanation, although thankfully it hasn't happened again since.

- since last night, the guest bathroom toilet and bathtub keep overflowing all over the floor. One minute it will be fine; the next overflowing -- even when it's not being flushed. There's a smell of raw sewage in the outside hallway beyond our apartment...suggests to me that something is majorly wrong with their pipes. The apartment doesn't have maintenance on the weekends, so we're basically stuck with cleaning up water in the bathroom every few hours when it decides to randomly overflow.

I expect things to go wrong in an apartment, but when you pay nearly $2000 a month in rent, you expect them to get fixed fast. There's not really any point to this entry except to vent for a few minutes. Yes, we're moving in a few months. In the meantime, I guess I'd better get used to cleaning up sewer water occasionally.

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You may get more helpful responses by placing your posting in the plumbing forum. You seem to have mainly plumbing issues. It seems the management are just as perplexed as you are.

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Call the local health department ... it's unhelthy to have overflowing sewage, and the place probably has something really wierd wrong.

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management/maintenance has no explanation--did they ever come look?

It must be very frustrating, esp. if it's ongoing.

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After talking with my husband last night, we have a theory as to why this is happening -- we live on the marina, on what used to be swampland; the buildings are old, and the pipes are old. It has been raining pretty much nonstop for the past few weeks, and the surrounding roads are very flooded -- when the dishwasher backed up, it was raining hard. When the toilet overflowed, it was raining hard. We think that all this rain is causing flooding/backups in the pipes. Maintenance should be coming shortly, and I'll talk to them about it.

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I think you may be right. Actually I was going to ask you if it had been raining heavily. I remember seeing some time ago on the news, an area that had been flooded and how the toilets etc. were backing up and overflowing. I don't know what the management can do about it. That is why I suggested to post these plumbing issues on the plumbing forum. Hopefully one of the experts there may have a solution. I don't know if there is any quick fix or if one has to wait for the water to recede.

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You could call a plumber out, explain the situation and see if there is anything he can do about it - there must be something that can be done.

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