Blue glass basket -- unknown maker

gracie01January 24, 2011

Does anyone know who might have made this basket?

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Again....don't know. is the bottom opaque?
The handle appears to be hand applied, and again it looks like good quality glass!
Where did you get these items?

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Thanks Linda. The bottom is not opaque. This basket was my MIL's. She collected hundreds of pieces over at least 50 yrs. I sold most of it to antique dealers. These pieces are some that I kept, so I'm just curious about them.

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Looks like Fenton which often had a paper label. Daisy & Button was made in 1937-39 & reissued in 1953 in milkglass & pastel opaque colors. Factory closed in 2007 but i had bought my mom some baskets & vases before that & they may have had more reissues. I would have to go through the books & the way Wm. Heacock did them something is often pictured in a group & not indexed in the back. One thing I do know is never pick up a basket with an applied handle by the handle. You may end up with just the handle in your hand & rest in pieces on the floor.

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I found some interesting info in the Fenton Glass 3rd 25 yrs book. All of their basket makers "signed" their work with a design on the wide area of the handle where it attaches to the basket!!They are called "handler's marks & book shows 11 different men did them that had been identified by 1980 when book came out. 1 mark looks like waffle,Ron BAYLES 9-10-56-1980+ , another cross with leaf at each quarter,Edwin Junior Garber 9-23-37 7-16-68. 1 like plant fanning out Peter K. Raymond 1907-1913 1921- 2-28-64 Another 1 is waffle but lighter more defined X's So if it is Fenton it is marked. Oh, color is Colonial Blue 1962-12/79 years it was made unless made after book put out in 1980 as new issue. If you have a design there pic would help me identify who made it & when.

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