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cmn87January 25, 2006

Ok, this may seem to be a reversal of the typical noisy neighbor complaint, but here goes...

I moved into a condo in Oct '03. The first night I had some friends over, we stayed up a little late, and made too much noise. My neighbor came over, I apologized, and it didnt happen again.

Off and on, she'd come by complaining about noise, and there seriously wasn't anything other than a reasonable amount of noise (i.e. a tv). She even came by complaining about noise when I wasn't even home!

To appease her, I ended up moving my tv & computer off our shared wall (about 1month in), got carpeting installed, added stuff into the place to absorb sound, etc, etc.

Things seemed to be going good after I ran into her husband and he told me not to worry because his wife is a little bit of a nut (maybe from staying at home all day in her nightgown).

So, about a year passed, and I didnt hear a thing. I overheard her on New Year's Eve '05 talking to another neighbor saying she got complaints against her (could be from when they blast movies on Tuesdays ... my floors literally shake, but I didnt say a word).

So, basically, since then, she's been banging on the shared wall of ours at random times! Most recently, I stayed home from work last Wednesday and was listening to some music at 4PM, and she complained her dog could hear the music. Or on Monday, I was watching TV, nothing loud at all, and she starts banging on the wall again. Go figure, the next night I could hear the bass vibrating all up and down my wall from her movie.

To make a long story short, I did call the police finally on Monday because I've done everything I can. I've spent a lot of money on different solutions, etc. I spoke with a friend who is a cop, and he said that calling the cops doesn't really do anything other than documenting it. In fact, if she starts banging on the wall, he said to just turn it up. He also said it usually ends with one person moving, and she's been there for 17 years...

I've written to the property management company as far back as last year, and it's ridiculous that anyone would have to put up with this. Unfortunately, it's going to be about a year before I can save up enough money to move into a house.

So what to do till then?

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It sounds like she's retaliating against you, thinking you are the one who put in the noise complaint against her. You might try talking to her, or her husband, and letting them know that it wasn't you. I'm not sure how you can do that without sounding like you were eavesdropping....might be better to talk to the husband and explain that you overheard that someone had made a complaint against them and that you wanted to make sure they know it wasn't you.

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Well, I have tried to talk to her, but she only hears what she wants to hear, so I've given up. I infrequently run into the husband by himself, and he is fine to speak with, however, when would be the main problem.

I just simply refuse being uncomfortable in my own home anymore, wondering "is this too loud", whenever I turn on the TV or some music. I thought this whole thing was over /sigh.

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try to stop worrying about it, bcs you know you're not too loud. When she bangs, it doesn't have anything to do with you! Do what us NYers do when we encounter unreasonable people: ignore, do not escalate, and distract yourself with whatever you can.

And just use those banging sessions to motivate you to save even more aggressively (or to get a second job to generate more money, and so you don't have to listen to her bang on the wall, LOL!)

And feel sorry for her husband--he has to cope with her all the time!

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Actually, I do live and work in NYC =). You basically just told me what everyone else told me to do, so I'm going to take that advice.

As far as the motivation ... yeah, I turned down a job last year that payed more, but wasn't exactly what I was looking for. I already talked to my headhunter friend and told him I'll take anything that pays the new mortgage this time =).

Too bad for the husband, the few times I've spoken with him, he seems like a cool guy.

Thanks for the replies Judy & Tally!

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