Noisey neighbors, HELP!

sooperspeedJanuary 28, 2006

I need some help, I recently moved into a beautifful apt, a bit expensive, but definitely a nice place. The neighbors below however are not nice. They are very loud, obnoxious and disrespectful. for the last few months I have gotten less sleep than ever and it is has affected my 3 year olds naptime and bedtime. I am currently getting to the point of stress and anxiety where I feel like I could do something irrational. Rather than do this, I have documented every time I have requested they turn their music or TV or whatever down during my son's nap or bedtime. This has never worked. My landlords have passively here and there also called the rentor but to no change. Due to the nature of my neighbors I have not called the police due to the fear of my personal property being hurt. Does anyone know a diplomatic way to break my lease and still get my deposit back? I would rather not go to Small Claims Court, but I definitely am going to move out. Any advice is very much appreciated.

I am definitely going to be moving, I just will not live like this anymore.

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You might tell the landlord that you believe his unwillingness to fix the problem constitutes him breaking your lease and that you are leaving.

But be aware that the next place may not be any better.

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