Walking on Hardwood Floor Noise

themoJanuary 28, 2007

Our neighbors below us have repeatdely complained that our walking around the apartment sounds like "we're coming through the floors" We've tried our best to modify the behavior and have less people over but some of these complaints come in on a Sunday afternoon when there's just a couple of us around, we arent doing jumping jacks or anything. Our apartment manager is very sympathetic to us, but the people are going above him and complaining directly to the building management. They (the management) are suggesting if we get another noise complaint filed they will order us to vacate. Can they really do this? Is there anyway for us to contest it or have them install soundproof insulation?

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some suggestions:
#1 - get rugs with HEAVY foam padding (it comes in different thicknesses and is the best for reducing impact noise). Maybe your neighbors would split the cost.
#2 do not wear shoes in the house.
#3 - are your neighbors below a couple? Ask one to come up and walk around your place in a normal manner, and the other one to stay below and listen. Perhaps this will prove to them that all you are doing is walking normally around.

I don't know if mgmt can evict you for walking around - it doesn't seem fair but I don't know what the laws are about this. Are they aware of the nature of the noise complaints - that your neighbors are complaining about your walking (which obviously you can't do much about unless you learn to levitate!) and not about your having parties or blasting stereos, etc.

I guess I was lucky in my situation. My downstairs neighbor complained repeatedly about me even AFTER I got rugs and padding, even banging on the ceiling when I walked around. But I managed to let the mgmt company know that SHE was harassing me, not the other way around. She was told to stop bothering me.

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I never wear shoes in my apartment and I try to walk more on the balls of my feet rather than leading with my heel. Some people just naturally have a heavy step when they walk so when you live in an apartment without much soundproofness, you have to me mindful of how you walk. I live in the 3rd floor of a 4 story apartment and the lady above me had a really heavy step. I had to tell her once, too, because she walks like she's really doing something important.

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