Room smells like fish

RosenstarJanuary 18, 2011

Live in a college apartment with 3 other guys. We're all fairly clean (especially for college kids). My room smells like dead fish. I don't eat in my room and I empty my trash, wash my clothes and sheets, and febreeze regularly. No one else's room smells like fish, and none of the other bedrooms I've ever slept in have developed this scent.

Our unit is on the first floor of a 3 story complex. I have not been able to "pinpoint" the source of the smell, so I can only assume the scent comes from something in the ventilation. We have had other problems with our unit, and our landlord is not at all helpful. The lease ends in 5 months, so I'm not sure it's even worth my time to contact her.

Anyone else have this problem? Any advice on how to fix this problem or course of action?

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Have you sniffed the 3 other room mates or their belongings, under their beds ect.?

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Until you find the source, grab a couple tubs of an odor absorber like Natural Magic or Citrus Magic. Under $5. One would be enough for a room but when I use them after tenants move out I use extra, works faster. You can find them at Home Depot & Lowes near cleaning supplies, and some smaller hardware stores in cleaning or paint department. They really do work and even tho they have a fragrance it doesn't put that scent in the air.

I'd suggest one right next to the heat register for sure. (Have you unscrewed the grill over your register & cold air return and taken a look into the ducts?)

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Have you tried FebrezeSPORT? Actually, did you even know there were different lines of Febreze? Yeah, I recently discovered that the SPORT line seems to work better than the original formula

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