Antique Beethoven statue and 'slave' supported granite table

devildiver223January 19, 2009

Hello to everyone! I am new to this forum, but here goes.

I have been pouring over the internet trying to find any information on a few pieces I have, but have not had ANY luck. Hopefully one of you may know more about what I've got than I do!

The first Piece is a bronze statue of Beethoven that stands approximately 2 ft and weighs around 60lbs. I have not been able to find anything like this one, nor have i even been able to find one of him sitting down like he is. Please take a look at the photos below.

The second piece is a granite slab table, supported by two black men in gold robes. Again, i've been unable to find anything on these guys either.

Let me know what you think!

and the table:

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Hi D!

Your statue appears to be the work of the famous French foundry of Eck and Durand (c. 1840-1863). Their work is represented in the collections of the National Portrait Gallery, London and the Art Institute of Chicago. Upon the death of Jean George Eck in 1863, Durand withdrew and sold the firm. Many of Eck and Durand's works were later recast by Victor Thiebaut. You may need to have someone familiar with bronzes in general look at it to see if it is an original or a recast.

I wish I had some info on your table. All I can say is that "Blackmoors" are always a hot and in-demand subject in the antiques and interior design markets. I'm jealous!

I hope this helps!!!

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Boy, thanks for the response! i've been away from the cpu for a week, I appologaize for the delay. Thanks a lot! Your response is the first positive information i've recieved yet! Every other time it's "huh?" or "hmm....not sure about those two"

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Hi D!

I would love to hear what you find out from this.

Any chance you can make out any other names (the actual artist's name)? Not sure why I didn't think to ask before. I'll see if I have it in my Davenport's.


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Hi D!
Might you be interested in selling your Beethoven statue? I love his music!

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