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cori21January 20, 2007

I am fine with normal everyday noise coming from the condo above us. Hard wood floors creaking, footsteps, are fine because I know we share space.

We are in a multifamily that has been condo-ized. I am the condo "manager." The family above us lets their 3-year old daughter run around the condo constantly. They never take her outside to play and keep her in the house for full days at a time (with them!)

I have called up once to say, "Please stop." My husband has called twice. My china cabinet full of china shakes constantly. I can hear the child running around all the way in the basement with the dryer on next to me.

What to do? Is there anything to do?

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Ugh. I lived in a situation like this for about 3 years, it was utter hell. It was a NYC (Queens) co-op, pre-war, so there was no insulation at all between the (hardwood) floors. People upstairs (in a studio apartment no less, there wasn't even a bedroom, so there was no escaping any of this) had a toddler that they allowed to constantly run back & forth all day and night and also to play with hard wooden toys and also, in a particularly selfish and clueless move, a KEYBOARD laid on the bare floor (oh yeah and these neighbors refused to put a stitch of rug or carpeting down). The plaster would literally fall off of my walls and ceilings. This would basically start at about 6:30/7 AM and end around 10/10:30 PM. I was both physically and emotionally exhausted all the time. The pounding would start, as would the escalating pounding in my heart. I could actually feel my blood pressure rising. The attitude of these people was always, "well, it's a child, so too bad". The only relief came when these people finally moved out. Anyway, I am so sorry to hear that you are experiencing a similar problem. I think the only thing you really can do is talk to your neighbors about it. I hope they are more reasonable than mine were.

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