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kendoeJanuary 15, 2012

I inspected an apartment and wanted to rent it. I put a $750 deposit and agreed that I would pay the first months rent of $750 when I was going to move in. The place was really bad and needed paint and repairs that I was going to perform. That's why the deposit was up front so the landlord would give me access to clean and paint. I asked if the property was in foreclosure and was told NO it was not.

I did some research and found that in fact it was in foreclosure since Sept. 2009. I contacted the landlord and told him I did not want to rent the unit based on the misrepresentation of the state of the property. He was upset but agreed to return my deposit.

I never signed a lease or rental agreement.

Well he wont take my calls and wont reply to my emails and has not returned my deposit.

Am I due the deposit back? Can he keep any of it? How can I pursue this properly?

Thanks for any help!

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I would think you SHOULD get it back, but I don't think you WILL get it back, sad to say. I'm sorry....... Probably your only option is small claims court IF he has any assets besides the foreclosed property.

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Small claims court is likely to be your only option.

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If you decide to go to Small Claims Court, start gathering information on any assets/income he has ASAP. You may have to file liens, garnishments or other remedies available in your jurisdiction.

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