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mariwmJanuary 8, 2010

My grandmother left me an antique Hall's Atlas dated 1835. The cover is a little faded and the atlas is intact except for 4 pages that have separated from the spine . They are not loose. The maps are all perfect condition and have beautiful color. I want to find out the value and am considering selling it. I've researched and have not found one like it, save a few individual maps from the atlas for sale. Can anyone direct me where to go ? Thank you.

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In 1835, most maps were reproduced in black and white with some areas cross-hatched or gray dotted. Colored maps were only in expensive books. I have a 1910 history school book and it contains a few color pages. It is obvious that the color plates were printed separately and inserted when the book was assemblied.

If you are fortunate enough to be near a showing of the "Antiques Road Show", try taking you atlas there for an appraisal. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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If the book really was printed in 1835 it could be worth a pretty penny.
Early atlases were engraved and hand colored.
Look up the David Rumsey collection on line for some close looks at great old maps and atlases. It's a great resource if you are trying to find out just what an area looked like a few hundred years ago.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: early atlas

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My atlas is the same one that David Rumsey has on his website. The difference is that mine is dated 1835 as opposed to Rumsey's which is 1830. Also mine is not in the condition that his is in. This is a link to the pages. Anything you see that has Hall, S. is from the atlas. The title page is exactly the same save the date.
(I apologize if the link doesn't work.)

I went to his website and typed in Hall under search collections. My atlas is engraved by Sidney Hall, just as his is. Also, The maps are not completely colored, only the borders ; just as his are.

I really appreciate your comments and information. Thank you.

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The value of the atlas depends a lot on edition and condition ... you might get more money if you removed, framed and sold the individual plates.

I'd take it to a book dealer who sells that era of books.

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