To retaliate or not?

rebecca1216January 30, 2008

I just move to a new apartment back in December. The apt. is very big and expensive(I live in NYC). I have two children ages 5 and 7, and they go to school every day. They leave for school at 6:50 because they have to go on the bus. My big problem is the arse living downstairs. This guy has serious issues and is complaining about noise all the time. The first time he complained was a Thrusday while i was moving in!!!! I told him we were moving in and that some noise were expected at a reasonable hour(5:30 P.M), he just looked at me like i was crazy. The next time, I had the cable guy installing my cable and he was waring his big boots and drilling on the wall(around 4:30 P.M) so the guy retaliated by playing loud-ass music that made everything vibrate inside my apt. I know he did it on purpose because he latter told my husband he was sending a message to me and my children to keep quiet or else he would play his loud music. My husband is not a violent person so he brushed it off as he guy been crazy and wanting to make trouble( i think he lives alone in a 3 bedroom apt.!!!!!!)Sycho!!!!!But for me this is getting to far. Oh now he is ringing my buzzer at 4:00 A.M on a week day, he just did it today. We have cameras in our building so it would not be hard to prove it was him. Last sunday i saw him doing it. I am getting pretty mad about this because I am doing everything in my power to keep my children from running in the apt. or making a lot of noise. My children are very good ones and they get home at about 6:00 P.M everyday. I told my building manager about this idiot and they said not to listen to him. But that was before the buzzing started, Should i call them again or call the police? This feels like harrassment and i am not going to take it. What should i do guys?

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Well for one, you should be documenting everything! And of course inform management! But for sure keep track of everything!!

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tell them again.

Don't retaliate; certainly not as your first step.

You want to make sure his bozo-ness is documented fully. So start by writing a letter to management and mailing it.

Have someone whom you trust to be calm and precise read it before you send it. Be as professional as you can be.

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Thank you for your answers guys! I am planning to write a letter to management tonight and start documenting everything he does against us. I will keep you posted.

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You might ask them for advice; how would they suggest you defuse the situation?

And be sure to make a reference, in your letter, to your existing concern for being a good neighbor.

also be sure you're not making too much noise during the wake-up routine. I'm hoping the kids' bedroom(s) are not directly over his? I was relieved when the lady above us moved to the bedroom over ours, instead of over the kids; if they get out of control, or we yell at them, it's not under her bed.

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I would call the police - anyone who deliberately wakes me for no reason at 4 a.m. is beyond harrassing and needs to be straightened out.

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I would not call the police just yet. This guy sounds like a loon and I would not provoke him so much just yet. Make sure all your notations about his antics are sent to management. I would also talk to other neighbors to see what they have to say about him.

Please be careful.

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I live in a upstairs aprt so i know what it is to live lightly!!!!!!!!!!!
I moved in, knowing I am moving in a community of people that dont live like I do and to expect there was going to be some noise..
I always try to be considerate upst for i do have a woman in her late 60s down stairs living.. she LISTENS TO JUST EVERY SPEC OF NOISE AND GETS HUFFY AND GOES TO THE OFFICE TO REPORT ME
it is just me here
maybe one day a week i go get my 3 grandk and bring them in after school one is 10 one is 8 and one is 4 and they live in the country rural settings, and they have adjusted to the rules of shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...
but if the 4 yr old drops a toy she is thumping on my floor from below
she forgets, my floor is her ceilings
I feel like a old matron telling my grandk shhh dont do this dont do that
they dont run..... they walk..
but anything at all she is hissing at them to where they are afraid to walk past her door..
i have went to her ask if i can obliage her in some way.. and she says SO WHAT? IT IS NOTHING TO ME!!
so now.. what do i do..... the mangement said she will move but that is on downnnnnn the road
the lady makes her complaints but i never get a write up on it........
cant always go out while the kids are here
they come in at 4pm and we leave 8 pm
quiet time is 9pm
any suggestions?

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Yes, ignore her! Who gave her more rights than you to reasonable enjoyment of your place? Is it in the lease that you have to be a mouse? Or never have company? Is the whole place a 'childless' one? Just because she says jump, you don't have to answer 'how high?". Let her rant, maybe she's bored, who knows, but assert your own rights and stop letting her run your life.

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