Tree falls on my car

davethemanJanuary 20, 2010

A tree fell on my car yesterday in my apartment complex. Not sure what kind of tree it is but itÂs really tall and has very shallow roots. The other trees around are showing their roots due to placement of trees. The car isn't totaled but no drivable. Should the Apartment complex cover my insurance deductible? Should I not even tell my insurance and make the apartment use their insurance to cover my car? I have a $1000 deductible so am trying to find alternate ways to get this covered. IÂm living in California. Thanks.

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You've got two different issues here.

First, the apartment complex may or may not be at fault. Check your lease carefully--there may be a clause that they are not responsible for damage to your vehicle or that parking is at your own risk, etc. If they can be held at fault, you will eventually get your money back. If they can't be held at fault, then you are out of luck.

Second, what kind of insurance do you have in California? Where I live, I'd contact my insurance company, which would collect the deductible from the apartment complex if they were found to be at fault. I would *have* to go through my insurance--the contract states that I have to inform them of any damage to the car. Yes, I could avoid that step, but it might come back to haunt me in the future.

You need to check your lease, California law and your insurance policy.

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