Upstairs neighbor a heavy walker/stomper to the point of insanity

boleynJanuary 2, 2009

A couple of months ago a new guy moved in to the apartment upstairs. I've had three people live up there before him with very minimal noise and never had a problem with any of them. This new guy is driving my whole family insane though. He is waking myself and my daughter (6) up almost every morning (I would say he hasn't maybe twice since moving in). He stomps wherever he goes, we always know what room he is in. If I try to bang something on the ceiling, he just stomps louder. When he plays video games, we can hear them loud and clear and his stomping increases to a non stop dancing or something at those times. We are getting no peace and I just cannot handle it. What should I do?

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I think you should go apologize to him. You started a war by banging on the ceiling when all he was doing was walking.

Maybe if you apologize for your behavior, and calmly discuss how the walking seems very loud to you, he may try to alter his behavior by wearing Crocs or something around the apartment and be more mindful of the volume on his video games. But I doubt if he is going to be receptive to anything you say now after the harassment with the broom handle on the ceiling pounding. People tend to hold a grudge. You should have tried to be neighborly right from the beginning. You may have 'burned your bridges' so to speak. The only solution now for you might have to be earplugs.

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Wow. Nice advice and way to attack me who is the innocent party here. First of all, only did the pounding once when he was obviously stomping around A LOT with the video games and I don't even think he heard me, I am pretty positive he didn't. Second, can't really go up there as I can't do stairs since a car accident six months ago. Thanks for having some compassion to someone who is going through a hard time with something they have never dealt with before.

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Why on earth don't you let the landlord complain? Tell him what's happening and let him do the dirty work. If that's no good, and asking the guy (can you stick a note in his mailbox?) to please wear mocs or something less clompy doesn't work, then consider getting the police (at times when he's blasting the game).

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No, I can't stick anything in his mailbox and the top is too high for me to be able to reach. Thank you for a suggestion to the landlord as I was unsure if I should go through the office or not on how to deal with a loud neighbor. Although I have lived here for about 4 years, I have not dealt with something like this before so I thought I would ask advice here on the proper channels to go through instead of just assuming how to handle it and potentially going about it the complete wrong way.

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"If I try to bang something on the ceiling, he just stomps louder. "
"only did the pounding once when he was obviously stomping around A LOT with the video games and I don't even think he heard me, I am pretty positive he didn't."

So which is it?

Personally, I respond better in situations when people actually TALK to me, instead of banging on the ceiling or using other passive aggressive actions.

Try talking to the guy....

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It's both. He started stomping louder with his games....

I don't know how I could talk to him. Honestly no clue how I could even get in contact with him.

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Have you contacted the landlord? That should be your first step. Also I would document the noise. The man above me is very loud (video games, movies and porn). Every time his noise is way beyond normal, I write down the time and date it is happening. I also jot down what kind of noise (i.e loud music, loud porn).

I understand why you banged on the ceiling. While not the best idea, excessive noise can really push one (I know especially me) over the limit.

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I have this same problem, but I think my situation is much worse. This family of annoying, inconsiderate fools moved in above us several months ago and we have had nothing but problems ever since. First of all, there are about 8 or 9 people living up there and at least half of them are not supposed to be. There are a bunch of little kids up there who are awake all night, every night. There is constant pounding, banging, stomping, hammering and screaming. Another thing, these people do not work and very rarely ever leave their apartment. They also do not sleep because we hear noise 24/7 from up there. They have loud company over all the time, and at all hours of the night. I have tried talking to the property manager and she won't do anything. She just says "Well, they have a little girl so there will be noise". I bet she doesn't know there are at least 4 or 5 kids living up there! I've tried calling the police and they told me there's really nothing they can do, that the property owner needs to handle it.I have also banged on my ceiling out of frustration, trying to get them to shut the hell up! Guess what? They have the nerve to pound back twice as hard! I've tried talking to these morons about all the noise they make and they say they will quiet down but they never do. I am sick to death of dealing with this. My nerves are shot, we never get any sleep and I am at my wit's end. The only thing we can do is move and I plan on that as soon as I find a decent place, believe me! I know what you're going through. Try calling the property manager or owner. If they won't do anything, call the police. If they won't do anything, then you might have to move. This is our only option as far as I can tell and I've been looking for a place. I sure feel sorry for the next people who move in this godforsaken place!

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I have the same situation with the Elephant People and their Elephant Children on custody weekends. I never used to get assertive, but I've taken to pounding on the walls when I get to the last straw (which is not the second or third or twentieth noise, either; more like the seventieth).

Managers tend to be useless; I've made two complaints, and while I got a good reception from the office, it hasn't really deterred Elephant Man. I don't know whether some people are deliberately rude or just don't know/care how much noise they make. I couldn't walk across a second-floor . . . well, floor . . . without carefully measuring my steps, but other people just don't think about it.

Everyone always tells the victim to move, as if they're the one who needs to change their behavior. (These are the nice ones; there are also people who will refute anything you say just to be in disagreement). But right now, I'm actually looking to take that advice, because apartment vacancies are high and rents are lowering.

Still, there are people like you who can't physically move right now (sounds like maybe you're in a wheelchair or something?) Definitely, though, do NOT approach the man. The only times you should approach noisy people are when you know them for a while and would feel comfortable mentioning the noise offhand. It's dangerous for a woman, especially, to confront men they don't know about something that could incense them.

What I did first was to call the management office, and that pretty much put a stop to the nighttime noise. After the first time, always send letters, as conversations can be forgotten (send certified). I haven't done anything about the daytime noise except once when I thought the ceiling was going to cave in, but that will soon change.

One piece of advice I can offer is that since you've just started with this problem, definitely keep a journal of times and noises. I never did, because I always thought it would get better, but then I wished I had evidence. Even if you never need it to show anyone, it's just a few seconds here and there, so what harm can it do?

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Wow, reading the last couple of posts, I realize that I am not the only one going through this. The Grinch17's story sounds EXACTLY like mine at the moment. I actually just put in my 30 days notice, all because of the unbelievably rude and inconsiderate people above me.
There are at least 6 people living up there, and are not supposed to be. We have complained to the manager about 10 joke. She has called them a couple of times, and sent letters, but to no avail...they do not speak English anyway, so they probably don't understand what she is telling them. They have a teenage son who just got a guitar a couple of months ago. It has been hell on top of hell since he has started playing that. We can hear every note and song, as if he was in our living room with us. He plays at 7 in the morning on weekends, waking us up...
We have banged on the cieling a number of times ONLY because we have contacted the manager over and over, and we have even talked to the mother and son twice about the noise. The people do not have normal hours, they never go to bed until 2-3am every night, we know because we always get woken up by them banging around above us. They take showers at 1am almost every night, yes, showers....they have no concept of courtesy. We have put up with it for over a year, and we have had enough, so we're leaving. It sucks that we have to be the ones to leave, but if we don't leave soon we will both have nervous breakdowns.
So, for all the people who have not been through this, and had to deal with neighbors like this, keep your comments to yourself! Until you've had this hell above you, ruining your living experience, you have no idea what you would do. Besides, banging on the cieling is the nicer than what we would like to do!
I hope it gets better for you guys who are living with it everyday.

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AHHHH, finally a person who understands what I've been going through! Thanks so much for your comment, Seinwiz! I have made several posts on this forum & nobody ever says anything back to me so I was starting to think that I was the only one who has gone through this hell! That's great that you're moving away from there. I am still looking & haven't had much luck. And the noise above me continues, day after day, night after night, hour after hour. It goes on & on & on. Now they have more people living up there & I know these people have to be on the Section 8 program because none of them work & the rent here is over $500 a month. How else can they afford this place? I am tempted to notify the Housing Authority that runs the Section 8 program & tell them what these people are doing & about all the people they have living up there.
This past Friday night, the no good bum who lives up there decided to get drunk & stoned & beat the crap out of his live-in gf & kids. He was throwing furniture against the walls judging from the sound of it, pounding his feet on our ceiling, screaming, cussing, etc. It was around midnight when this was going on so I called the police on him. He got arrested for disorderly conduct & the cops carted him off to jail. His braindead gf went & bailed him out a few hours later. Now I'm afraid he will retaliate because I called the police. I'm sick of living in this hell & am trying to get out of here but it's like I've been sucked into a black hole & can't escape. I hope things change soon or I might go off the deep end. I'm almost to that point right now.
To Seinwiz, best of luck to you on your move & I hope your new place brings you much joy, peace & happiness! Keep in touch! :)

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Oh yes, I understand all too well what you're going through Grinch17! But I have to say, it sounds like you have it much worse than I do! I have never had to call the police, luckily....but as I write this someone is banging around in the shower SO loud, probably on purpose, as it is well after quiet hours here. Ugh. I only have a few more days to go, and I will never have to listen to these jerks again!! I can't even imagine what it will be like to not have someone stomping around above my head all day and night....heaven!
I hope things turn out well for you Grinch17! Good luck to you!

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There are occupancy restrictions on apartments. If the tenant is a section 8 tenant or receiving any rental assistance, they must not have anymore people in the apartment living there than is on the lease. You probably know if someone isn't working an living in the apartment near you that they are receiving rental assistance. Let the landlord know in writing that you are concerned about the number of occupants. Be sure to do this in writing. Wait a short period of time and also contact the local housing authority, especially if you believe they are doing anything illegal. If no action, contact the dept of housing and urban development as they handle rental assistance programs and are very strict about occupancy and crime. Document what you know and ask for help, it sure cannot hurt.

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Hey everyone,

I actually registered just so I could post a reply to this thread, I had done a search online for "apartment stompers" and this was the second result that came up with I had to add my two cents...if you think you all have it bad you haven't heard anything yet! :)

I have lived at the current complex I'm in right now since 2010 (formerly living in a 2 bedroom duplex apartment) and then feeling like I wanted to move back into a regular "flat" apartment where everything is on one floor...BIG MISTAKE!

Now just a bit of info before I continue...I just recently turned 40, am a male and have been renting apartments for 22 years (since I was 18) and most of those apartments I've had people living above me...I've never even come close to what I'm experiencing in my current place, with all of the other places all combined together, and there has been many (I use to move almost yearly)...the noise above my current apartment is literally unbearable!

So getting on with the story:) So I ended up transferring from my 2 bedroom duplex to a 1 bedroom flat apartment (garden style apartment building with 2 apartments on the first floor and 2 apartments on the second floor.) The afternoon of my move in I was in the bathroom unboxing some things and I looked out into the parking lot and saw a middle aged lady approaching my building and she then entered, I figured "oh this must be one of my neighbors." About 30 seconds later I heard BOOM BOOM BOOM...I thought to myself "oh no, oh no, please tell me she's just visiting" LMAO...seriously I was almost having a meltdown in the bathroom, I couldn't believe it! This woman was SO LOUD when she walked I thought the ceiling was going to cave in, I have never heard anything like it before (and these apartments were just finished being renovated in 2010.)

Well, I put up with this noise for about 6 weeks (no she was not a visitor lol) and I could no longer take the noise, this woman lives with her husband and believe it or not they have two grown kids who live across the hall from them (both guys-one is pushing 30 which I really thought was strange), at first I thought they were a gay couple lol I mean who wouldn't? Anyways about 6 weeks in I finally couldn't handle it anymore, the lady is the worst out of the two of them, she stomps (walks on her heels) whenever she is up off her bum and it's like she never sits down, she wakes me up at 6AM in the morning, she wakes me up at 11PM at night, she interrupts my TV programs (her noise is SO LOUD that I can't even focus on what I'm watching.) So anyways yea like I said I finally reported it to the management office and they were speechless. Apparently the guy who lived here before me never complained and they couldn't understand why, if she was indeed making the amount of noise that I was saying she was making.

Well to make a long story short, they would receive notices from the office to knock it off, they insisted they were not doing anything, the noise just continued and continued and continued...I complained all the way up to the CEO level, finally got approval to move back into a duplex (breaking my lease without fees) when one became available (this was back in Feb of 2012) and finally in May of this year, one was coming up for August 1 move (pretty much exactly where I wanted to be back in the complex too!)

But during the entire 9 months that I've lived here it's been constant banging on the walls from me for them to shut up, I mean I'm not going to sit down here and just listen to this crap, the lady would come down into the office crying being all dramatic saying she wasn't doing anything and that "I scared her", just a total bunch of theatrical dramatics...I have banged on the walls so hard I thought at some points that I might have broken my's just been a total always hear about the "neighbors from hell" and you always hope you never get them, well my day finally came and I've gone through it for 9 months.

Today is July 29, 2012, and in two days I'm moving! Honestly, I've never been SO HAPPY to move before in my ENTIRE LIFE! As I sit here typing this out she is upstairs right now just back and forth, BOOM BOOM BOOM, it is unbelievable! I know the people who are renting my unit after I move out, and I know for a fact that they had been asking about noise problems before deciding to move in, I'm not sure if the office told them what had been going on (I did not tell them) but I know there is going to be big drama here once they move in and are greeted as I was by that crazy lady upstairs, only this time now the office is going to have to move more swiftly on them, they can't let them continue to do this, I mean this whole situation has literally affected me mentally, I've had no friends over, never really unpacked any of my stuff, had no pictures or anything up on the's like I've been living out of a motel for the past 9 months waiting for something permanent to come along.

I really feel sorry for the upcoming neighbors here, but hopefully they will complain and the office will be forced to put a stop to this once and for all.

I know this thread is old but I'm sure someone will read this eventually and know that they are indeed not alone in this, there are a lot of people who don't care or have respect for others around them and only think of themselves, karma is a (YOU KNOW WHAT:) though and their payback will soon come!

Good luck to all of those that continue to suffer, I know it's hard and I feel for you!

P.S. Yes I too called the police many times but they would do nothing, in fact they took the neighbors side because the neighbors are older than I am and I guess they assumed there was no way someone that age was making that kind of noise-Christ you can't even get help from the police anymore these days!

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