Loud neighbor child may have a disability

zapatistaJanuary 14, 2011

The neighbors upstairs from me have a girl, about 10, who seems to be constantly in motion. Mind you, I live in a concrete building, but we can hear her running, possibly falling and jumping. We have spoken to the parents twice this week, and both times they seemed bashful and slightly stunned that we approached them. I understand the kid is a kid, but jumping at ANY time of day is unacceptable. The running I know can be hard to control, as the parents themselves stomp too.

The thing is, there is a chance the child may be mentally hindered, and obviously they are not going to tell that to a stranger at the door. I can see the kid going to and from school from the window, and let's just say she has A LOT of energy all the time. So how do I know if she has issues or is just a brat? I feel a little bad for the parents is they're doing what they can, but I have no idea. I do, however, believe I handled it correctly by asking them politely to cool it. Input?

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Move. You obviously have no idea what kids are like or what apartment life is normally like. Buy a house if you want absolute quiet 24/7.

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Well, first I have to say that whether or not the child has some 'condition' (sounds more like HDAD to me) is not really your business at all, but if the noiise level is really excessive then you have a right to ask the landlord to ask them about putting down carpet, or controling the jumping in some way. But don't expect (as the other poster mentioned) for all noise or even the odd thump to just disappear.

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As an upstairs resident with kids who visit me periodically, I've been advised by the management company that I should never have asked to lease a top floor apartment if I had kids. The agent at the time knew I had kids and the three of us viewed the apartment prior to lease signing. The lady downstairs can not stand any sounds and has repeatedly complained. My kids are nothing like the one you write about. If that family lived here, they'd be advised to move.

I think normal kid noises during day time hours is OK, but I guess it really depends on where you live. Probably families with children should not live in apartments.

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I have shared walls with neighbors with & without children. I have children myself. I have always made my children walk on the steps, even if the neighbors weren't home. When the neighbor kids pounded up and down the steps & kicked walls, my kids had to walk. My kids would argue how it was unfair how they had to follow rules & be quiet when the neighbors sounded like they were herding elephants & zebras. I feel bad for the people who moved into my old place. I called the landlord and letters were sent on several occasions to the parents, but nothing was ever done. I moved. It's amazing, no matter how hard you try to teach your kids to respect others and follow rules, you end up having to cave and move because the "rules" don't apply to everyone.

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oh, sorry to hear that

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