other tenant entering my side of the apartment

netzeroJanuary 6, 2005

well i havent went to school for 4 day cuz i am sick and every morning my sister open the light to look for cloth to wear to school so i get up go sleep on the couch in the living room.In today while i was sleeping i felt really cold and i open my eyes and i saw the door that separate me and the tenant of the apartment so i figure my mom or somebody in our house left it open but i ask everybody later but said the never went troough that door(happened later). So when i saw the door open it felt odd cuz last night i made sure that door was locked and this morning it was open. So i get move like 15 steps from the door where they cant see me lef the door open like i saw it next thing i know i hear keys and the lady went outside to ring the doorbell but i never came saw i heard her with those keys again and she started to lock the door after 5 sec she stops she started calling my mom name nobdy answered her. So she came in 3 steps in the house so i got scared and just walk to the room and she quickly close the door try to go up the stairs but she saw that i seen here and she said the door keep popin "unlcoking" in other words the door keep opening. I think shes trying to go in my house without permission and i want to know if im right so is there something that i can do to make sure like set a trap on the door.

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I'm not sure if I follow you. Is someone else walking inside your apartment? And you are pretty sure you have locked the door? Perhaps the lock is broken and it really is popping open? It happens to my door once in a while if I don't use the deadbolt.

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You live in a house w/ 2 apartments? Perhaps a main apt. (yours) and a sub-apartment (for the tenant)?

It sounds like either she has keys (in which case you need to tell your mom or whoever the person is in charge of the space) and get the locks changed, or she's telling the truth, the door keeps popping open, in which case the perso in charge of the space needs to call a locksmith to repair it.

it really doesn't matter if she's been coming in and out--you (your mom, maybe) need to change or fix the lock.

I wouldn't bother with setting a trap--I'd just get the situation changed so no one can come in.

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Change the keying for that lock, or put one of those "chain locks" on your side.

For now, just slide a heavy piece of furniture over the doorway.

Here is a link that might be useful: door chain lock

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Don't know what grade in school you are in, but I think you need to make every effort to attend class in the future. I read your post twice and am still not sure just what happened.
Linda C

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get some big ol' jingle bells and tie them to the door knob...so you can hear them opening the door or buy a huge dog to attack!

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