WH Grindley pattern?

julie825January 17, 2006

HI everyone,

I have been an avid follower of the homesite appliance forums, but now need some assistance with an old set of china. I am trying to find a way to identify a pattern without looking at hundreds of little pictures. It is a set of china that is stamped WH Grindly England on the back. It is white china with an aquablue rim that contains a floral pattern and peacocks. It is not the Bird of Paradies pattern. The only color is in the band around the rim of the plates. Same band rimming the cups etc. It is a family set and I believe it could date back to 1900-1920's. Thankyou for any suggestions.

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Julie, WH Grindly is the Tunstall (Staffordshire region), England manufacturer of your china. Your time frame would be consistent with this manufacturer. They have been in business since approximately 1890 or so & are still operating (I think?).

It would be much easier to identify the pattern with a picture. Is there a maker's mark other than the company name on the back? You'd have to research the company's various backstamp marks to pinpoint exactly when your dishes were made.

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Go to www.replacements.com and look in china, then in Grindley, pattern gri291. It's got a floral and bird pattern on the rim, along with a blue band. If that's not it, in the search box on that website, put in "grindley birds" and check the others that show up. You may be able to find it like that. I've id'd china that way.

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Hi, Thankyou for your suggestions. I feel really stupid, because I found a name on one of the saucers and that is the pattern. It is called "Braintree" made in 1920. I had only looked at cups, salt & pepper and some other pieces before and they did not have the name on them.

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I too have a Grindley Pattern that I need to have identified. It is a complete set of 8 place settings plus some serving pieces that may be as early as about 1920 as it belonged to my husband's grandmother. I looked through the patterns shown on www.replacements.com but could not see it.

The plates are scalloped with a brown and orange triangular repetitive border pattern, with some gold trim. The mark on the back is a masted sailing ship or tall boat with Grindley underneath, and is apparently circa 1936-54 from one source I looked at. Photos are shown on the link below.

If anyone can shed some light on this, I would appreciate it. We would like to value the set for insurance purposes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Facebook Photo Album - Grandma's China

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We recently visited a place in Ft. Worth called Dishes From the Past aka dishesfromthepast.com. Sure there are similar places around the country but this place has a hugh inventory of discontinued patterns. Not advertising for them, we just had a nice experience as we live in the area.

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My WH GRindley pattern is Milton, green with a gold line through it. Anyone have a suggestion as to where to find more info on this patttern?

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hi please can any one help, i have a plate set stamped w h grindley & co ltd.england.was my nans, and seems to be quite rare,buttercup in colour and has a twisted green and yellow leaf design around the edge, art deco design, i would be grateful if anybody could shed some light on this.

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I am so glad I found you...I have some Grindley which I would love to identify and eventually sell.
There is a sugar bowl and creamer, and the cups/bowls(?) have handles on both sides. They are a creamy yellow with a band of tulips (?) and art deco edging.
Does anyone know anything of these?
Thank you

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i have a dinner plates gravy jug meat plates and lots more of a grindley made in england with a picture of a sailing boat on back of all in was given to me over 20 yrs ago and was wondering in it was worth any think

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No one can help unless you post a picture.
Also you can search yourself on Replacements.com they will have pictures of many patterns and the price on each piece.
Linda C

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can someone help out a New England Yankee?
I found in my parents attic seveal bowls, a sugar bowl and a several plates .
On the back it says " W.H. Grindleyco.Ltd and under that it says " Chelsea Ivory " and it has a reg. #
I have no idea what it's worth or anything.
Can anyone help me out ?
tom deWitt

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Here is a replacement site that has 2 items in the pattern, one is sold.

Here is a link that might be useful: Robbins Nest/Replacements

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I have had this lovely dish forever. But I have yet to find a name for the pattern ....I have checked the "Replacements" site as mentioned above, with no luck.

I think, by the mark on the back it is 1920s. I have no idea what kind of bird is depicted.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Here is the back of the dish

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