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bmjabber2January 26, 2004

I live in central FL and have a 1200 sq ft home.

The living room/dining room area is a combination long that attached to a sliding door to lanai one the living room end and to a kitchen counter with 2 stools in front of it facing away from dining room end.

Since the home is very small and I don't use the dining room, I'd like to convert the dining room into a bar area so when we entertain, we would more space in the living room.

There are two doorways entering the bedrooms on each side of the middle of the dining room/living room area so furniture placement is a problem for me.

I'd like to be able to build/buy a bar to put in the dining room area that faces into the living room so when guests come over, people could sit in the living room and yet converse with those at the bar in the dining room. Also, the bar would have to face the tv which is in the far end of the living room in the corner by the lanai

entrance doors.

My only thought is to get kitchen cabinets with a laminate top on it so I can get behind the bar to make drinks, etc and yet not have the bottles, etc. showing to people in the kitchen or entering the home.

I am not sure how to position this unit though considering all the doorways.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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I suggest you post under KITCHENS and not apartment living.

Apartment dwellers don't often install bars and make premanent changes.

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