Viking VCFF236SS - Freezer Frost Buildup

mig1980January 4, 2014

Good day everyone. My wife and I got home today and when we opened the bottom freezer we notice quite a bit of frost on a portion of the freezer.

After some diagnosis I found that the freezer door hadn't been closed properly.

My question is, the fridge has frost free setup with adaptive defrost. Will I have to perform a cleanup of the frost or will it take care if itself? If I do have to clean the frost, what is the best method if doing this?

Thank you

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The defroster is supposed to melt the frost from the evaporator. Maybe there will be enough heat to dissapate the frost.

You can turn the unit off, put in a pan of hot water, and melt the frost, or you may be able to use a hair dryer.

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Thank you. I ended up unplugging the unit and cleaning out the frost with a damp rang. It worked well and all is good now.

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Hi, I am looking into purchasing this fridge. How is it working for you?

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