woody_ctJanuary 22, 2010

Can anyone tell me anything about this clock. It is porcelain and does'nt have any marks. Someone in my family electrified it in the 40's however I do have its original works. Thanks in advance.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clock

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The picture isn't sharp at all....but is shows a beautiful clock. I would call it french porcelain...but have no idea how old it is nor how wwell done it is.
Are there marks on the original works? What a shame someone messed with it.
Linda C

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There seems to be something marked on the face of the clock, at the 12:00 position. If so, could this be of any significance?

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Thanks Lindas... It says Sessions on the face of the clock in the 12 o'clock position. However my great aunt "modernized" the clock in the 40's so face and works are not original. I have the original mechanical works as soon as I unearth them I will post that manufactuer and hopefully that will be helpful.

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The style is a "mantel clock".

Maker marks on the movement is a good aid toward identification, but beware that the movement may not identify the clock maker. There were a number of clock makers who ordered movements from a manufacturer and installed these movements into a case of their own design. This practice was common and does not detract from a clock's value. It only adds one more layer of mystery toward full identification of the complete clock package.

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On the original 12 o'clock it says F.S. New Haven Clock Company. CT. is a good place for clocks to be from. Would love your input. THanks in advance.

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sounds like a nice clock to me....
It's the type of clock that would have been in the boudoir. Undoubtedly the case was not made by New Haven Clock... they didn't make a lot of their cases, certainly not porcelain ones.
The next step is to figure out if the works, work!....and then find someone to put it all back together.
I think it's terrific!
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: Discover clocks

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