help with pricing a information-dominos

matthewdnicholsJanuary 12, 2011

I have someone who is wanting to sell what they are calling a 1940's South Pacific card dominos. They listed on another antique site as ivory and silver. I don't have a clear photo of the ones I will be looking at but I do have have the link to another set online there is no listing of price on this other site. I can not find an ebay listing nor can I find them anywhere else on the web. It is important to note I am looking at complete set in the original box in mint condition. If you can help respond on here or call me at 316-680-0019.


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Hmmmm....Are you the seller?

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Not of these that are in the link. I am looking to by a different set that is in mint condition in the original box. I was wondering what they are worth and what they are. This guy has his grandmother's estate and needs some cash. I want to help him out but I also don't want to give him $100 and find out they are worth nothing. If you have information about them call me at 316-680-0019 or hit me back on here.



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"I want to help him out" .... "I also don't want to give him $100 and find out they are worth nothing."

Are you planning to resell it to recover the $100? If you could only resell them for $10 would you ask him for $90 back? If you could resell them for $10,000 would you give him $9,900?

Either help the guy out or not, but buying antiques for resale is always a crapshoot.

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No but I would give him maybe another $400 to $500.

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