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MorvoJanuary 1, 2013

So I was gone for about a week during the holidays and when I came back the apartment was frozen. I had set the temp to 68 degrees but it felt like no heat had been used since I left, can I get a refund on my next bill due to my landlord not giving me a properly maintained heater. (I also had him look at the heater earlier in the winter season due to the same issue, which worked until I left)

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Did you suffer in any way because there was no heat? Was there any damage to your property?
I'm not exactly sure why you think you should be entitled to a refund. For what?

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The law typically sets some minimum standards for habitability for rental properties along with specific steps that need to be taken if those standards aren't met. You should use your favorite search engine to research landlord/tenant relations in your state. If necessary, consult with an attorney who specializes in landlord/tenant relations.

In your case, given you weren't home and inconvenienced by the heat failure, you probably aren't entitled to any kind of compensation.

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All I would like to suggest to talk with owner. If you guys settled with some solution then it will be great, else file a petition. I am sure they will be charging you for the heater.

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